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    Hi there,

    I have a question. i've had some t95n s905x boxes installed with version with no problems. But now i've ordered from another store also t95n
    but when i install version 11 or even other versions the wifi won't work. is it possible these boxes aren't the same? i've opened one up and it says T95X 8189. does anyone know about this?

    Thanks in advance

    DjTeaser This is why I recommend running from SD first and then installing to internal in command line. When you flash in recovery dragons appear.

    Trying this now as we speak. Kodi is booting from sd. Next up SSH into the box
    Thanks kszaq, guess this was the way to go on this box! Coffee coming up!

    Hey Guys great news that there is a new version. My new box came in yesterday with the s905x chip so i wanted to install 008 right away since i had no trouble installing 007 on normal s905 box.

    I made a sd card as explained in the how-to and started the box with toothpick method. And it started to update but after 15 seconds it stops and show an android logo with a big red cross. so i booted in recovery without and then plugged in the sd card and applied the update so i could see what the system does. And in the picture in shows the error. (error in the zipfile statut 7)

    On my sd card i had

    The box was stock android.

    Is the update file corrupt? i re-downloaded it and still no luck. Am i doing something wrong?

    You got into recovery with the files i gave you ?
    I will remove the zip if it didn't work.

    The zip is empty. It has 1 folder in it with no files
    But i got it to work by making a boot usb with bootmaker and the u-boot file that came with the original android firmware.

    I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with new Android Firmware ?
    But anyway here are the files to boot to recovery from LE nand install.
    If you look at my signature i have had this firmware before LE was installed.
    The files are packed in a zip for upload purposes.
    UNPACK and copy to sd card. Sorry if i am sounding like you don't know much
    but i have had some members skip my short instructions and end up with a bad result. ;)

    I wanted to know if a certain android app would work after the update which didn't work on the old firmware. And if maybe the audio drops where fixed when using passthrough on dts files (s905 bummer). But in both cases it didn't. So no more trying using android on this box, back to libreelec and enjoy almost all the DTS and dolby digital variaties :)

    New test box just arived. the mxii-g, lets play around with this one!

    You don't need recovery SD card. Recovery already is on internal flash. Simple use "toothpick" method without any SD card in slot. It will start recovery with menu.

    You don't need recovery SD card. Recovery already is on internal flash. Simple use "toothpick" method without any SD card in slot. It will start recovery with menu.

    Even with LE installed?

    ***EDIT*** i've managed to get the old android firmware to load using a bootcard maker.

    Hello guys,

    Im running 007 fine for a while now on my t95n mini m8s pro (s905) from internal nand.
    But i now is see that there is a new android firmware i would like to check.

    But i can't seem to get the box in recovery mode. i've tried what the first page tells me to do.
    CAUTION (S905): To boot into recovery after installing LE to internal memory use this procedure:

    • prepare a clean, FAT32-formatted SD card or USB drive
    • copy recovery.img and dtb.img from your Android firmware to SD card (don't use dtb.img for LE!)
    • use "toothpick" method to boot from SD card/USB drive

    But it doesn't work. i've tried the recovery and dtp img from the newest firmware, i've tried the dtb.img from previouse android firmware (the one you guys needed to for the new device trees) and i've tried the dtp from LE eventhough you say i shouldn't

    Am i missing something here?
    Thanks in advance and keep it up. learning every day!

    First of all, thank you for your great work!

    I've succesfully installed this version to the nand of my t95m m8s mini pro. Everything works great except for one tiny thing.
    That is the remote, allmost all buttons work except for the volume up. And i want to remap the back button. It is now the X button next to te zero button and i want it to be the normal back button.

    What file do i need to change and where can i find it?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

    I have the same box, have you managed to remap the buttons? if so can you upload the remote.conf or maybe a tutorial on how to remap