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    Hi guys

    Given the issues I have had i have reverted back to version 002 and have managed to get this loaded at the first time of asking.....however, the remote does not work, so please could someone advise where i find the remote file for a T95N Mini MX+ and where do i need to put it to hopefully get things working....many thanks.

    Thanks Kostaman...greatly appreciated.

    Just as an update, I have had a mare. I have spent about 4 hours trying to load LE both via SD and also onto nand on my new Beelink Mini MXiii and it looks as though this is the second box I have bricked. It would not load at all on SD attempts despite several goes at it and then when i tried to flash the latest LE vesrion on the Nand it tells you it has been successful but then just sticks on beelink splash screen. I then tried to go back and flash version 006 and again it says it was a successful install but when the writing comes down the screen as if it is performing the boot up it stopped and crashed and said'bad errors in section 2,3,4'. Tried to reinstall the original firmware via toothpick/recovery but then it would begin the process but just stop half way through saying installation aborted.

    I really enjoyed the previous versions of LE, but versions 006 and oo7 have ended up with me just bricking the boxes......gutted.

    Thanks to those for the help over the last few days, but I think i will just step back for now.


    I tried both of these gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG.dtb just NOW on my MiniMXIII from SD, they boot NP. But I still get slow speeds on SD still.

    I have currently have gxbb_p200_2G_beelink_minimxIII.dbt currently on nand.

    Like op said, did you get it working on SD, then run included scrip from SSH to copy to nand?
    BTW it also boots from USB

    Hi Nathan

    Can I ask where you got the gxbb_p200_2G_beelink_minimxIII.dbt file from as it does not appear on the ones that kszaq has uploaded....or maybe i am just missing soemthing.


    Hi kasaq, thanks for the response and I will try other device trees, however, what do you mean by 'use a recommended method to flash - please see OP.'.......I believe I did follow the instructions for the nand flash.....did i omit something?


    Hi kszaq and others......please can someone help. Just tried to flash LE to nand on brand new Beelink Mini has 2GB and 1Gbite Ethernet. I put the following files on a USB - aml_autoscript, factory_update_param.aml, a zip file with an update, and tried both gxbb_p200_1Gbit.dtb and gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG.dtb as the dtb.img, obviously on different upload attempts. I have tried to upload going into android recovery via the toothpick method and then updateing from USB and whilst it goes through the motions of uploading and saying at the end of the process that 'Libreelec has successfully been installed'.....when i reboot it it just sticks on the Beelink splash screen and does not load as Libreelec. Please can someone help as I am going nuts with this.

    Many thanks.

    Hi guys

    I have just received my Beelink Mini MX111 and before I start putting LE on it, I just want to ensure that I have all the required files ready should I need them at some point. Where in the original firmware will I find the 'device tree'?....what will it look like?

    Many thanks

    Hi kszaq

    I have tried to flash the new firmware on my T95N Mini Mx 1gb box via the toothpick method and it looked as though it accepted it all ok stating that 'Libreelec was installed successfully'. However, when I then go to reboot the screen just goes blue for about 10 seconds then black for about 10 seconds then back to blue etc, etc, I don't have the original firmware for the box unless someone on here can kindly post me a link, so I think I have bricked the box unfortunately. If anyone has a cure I would be very grateful.