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    OOooops slight fault to report is that once I turn the box off, it will only restart by me pulling the power cord and reinserting back into the box. Is there a fix for this so it will turn on via the remote?


    Hi kszaq

    I thought I would update you on my experiences with Libreelec. I received my T95N Mini MX+ S905 box form Fleabay this morning. I tried to load Libreelec via the SD method but I kept getting an error message saying 'ttp fault - job cannot be done'. So I then tried flashing via the nand method and this loaded absolutely spot on and smoothly. I downloaded a couple of addons and this too went smoothly and I have just watched the first hlf of the footy in 720 HD and it has been absolutley glitches etc, just very smooth. The odd control on the remote does not work but I will try and find a way to fix that.

    Overall, very impressed and i will be a full Libreelec convert from OE now.

    Many thanks.


    Hi guys

    I have a T95N Mini MX box on order, but doubt that the seller will be able to send me a link where i can download the stock firmware should I ever need it. Is there a way i can do a backup of the firmware to a USB Stick before i try out Librelec?

    Many thanks

    Hi guys

    I am a newbie here and finding my feet, so apologies if i am a bit lacking in knowledge. I have a mini M8S and was looking to put this build of LE on it. Can someone who has recently put this on a mini M8S advie if it goes on easily, works well and does the remote work? Many thanks.

    Only this: LibreELEC

    Those are community build and only supported in the thread you get them from.

    Many thanks for the response DaVu....greatly appreciated. I was wondering if anyone had recently loaded this LE onto a mini M8S and if so was it an easy upload and did it all work well?

    Hi guys

    i currently use OE on an M8 box and it works spot on. I have been bought a new mini M8S box and was wondering if LE is compatible with that and if so if it works well. Can someone advise as to what zip file I should use please. Appreciate any help.