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    Just looking at the datasheet and found this:

    1.2.5  System Component 
      Cortex-M0 
      Two Cortex-M0 inside RK3399 to cooperate with Cortex-A72/Cortex-A53 
      Thumb instruction set  combines high code density with  32-bit performance 
      Integrated  sleep modes  for low power consumption 
      Fast code execution permits slower processor clock or increases sleep mode time 
      Deterministic, high-performance interrupt  handling for time-critical  applications 
      Serial Wire  Debug reduces the number of pins required  for debugging 

    if this MCU has control over PMU and IR receiver all but the M0 can be shut down. That works before u-boot I suppose.

    Hi everyone

    Is this the correct thread for the actual nightly builds for rk3399 devices here: Index of /

    I'm actually thinking about buying an rk3399 based board and am wondering if it is possible to turn the SBC on via IR remote or on board button, or if it has to be powercycled once shut down.


    P.S. turns out npcomplete has similar question :-) I guess it all depends if there is an embedded controller and if that's supported by mainline LE.

    Thanks chewitt

    That was ok vs enter, if I remember correctly.

    But it seems kodi can deal with these my very keycodes, as my other box receives exactly those codes from eventlircd instead of event1, so it can deal with them I'd guess.

    Also it is not recognised as a joystick or mouse, which is a good sign, its weird and confusing.


    I am facing a strange issue, as I'm having a Bluetooth remote that exposes two event nodes and mostly everything works fine, except the channel up down buttons.

    If I'm checking with evtest it gives me key_channelup and key_channeldown but my pvr addon doesnt react at all, also the key remapper addon gives for both keys the same bogus code.

    Interestingly on a second LE box with an IR remote IRW gives me the exactly same keypresses as evtest and there it works.

    I tried also attaching eventlircd to the corresponding event1 bit that doesnt seem to work at all.

    LE with Bluetooth is 9.2.3 for rpi2 running on a rpi3

    The one with the IR remote is an Allwinner H3 with the latest test version.

    I tried Is there an addon or a command to detect remote key for RF remote like LIRC ?

    Connect Xiaomi Mi Box BT remotes to LibreELEC devices

    Also those links have been considered:

    Infrared Remotes [] at master · OpenELEC/ · GitHub


    And a couple of more voodoo things nothing helped.

    Does anyone have any idea what to try next? Of course I can test and provide logs, if someone has an idea in what direction it might lead :)

    I took a surely interlaced sample from DVB-C and it plays fine on X2, all the combing that could be seen on kaffeine without deinterlacing are gone.

    zillevdr as I said, I need sample video to reproduce issue, otherwise I can't help. Additionally, make sure that it works if you disable deinterlacing.

    Yesterday I managed to capture a couple of interlaced samples, will try them out in the evening and report.

    Oh ok got a new TV my 8years old Samsung was better for such tests.

    Maybe it's possible to limit resolution to 1080p?

    Tried changing resolution to 1080p/60 and it seems better now.

    How come this happens? That's a new thing right?

    Video looks good now, now just have to find out if its interlaced content...

    found an m2t mpeg transport stream with h.264 video, and unfortunately audio and video are out of sync by a couple of seconds also every now and then some hiccups (fraction of a second stops).

    Not sure if it's a deinterlacer issue.

    Do you know how to get info on the used vodeo codecs and settings? Just can't seem to find that button on the remote...


    Just switched deinterlacing off and glitches are still there, also the loss of sync is there but seems bit less...

    Trying a different container soon

    P.S. is it normal I can only post again after 30 minutes? It's sometimes quite annoying and doesn't help the communication flow.

    Trying, just taking out my x2, will report back once i tried it.

    Edit: first impression is good, seems to run stable, not yet sure I already watched interlaced content. Maybe it adds a bit to motion blur?

    Edit 2: Didn't find any real problems, it easily has nightly quality.

    The only point I feel that might be slightly affected is some less smooth movements, but I can't really tell. If there is something it's very subtle.

    Hi! Installed the latest build, in add-ons there is no PVR IPTV Simple Client Kodi. I can not watch TV channels. Tell me what should I do to get PVR IPTV Simple? device H3, orange pi pc

    Usually there are two possibilities: wait until the proper add ons are built and becoming available, or go and build them yourself.

    I know not the answer we all would love to hear, but it is an experimental thing. We are just on nightlies in the middle of some kodi transitions, and not on a release channel yet.

    It seems that micro sd slot doesn't work it doesn't see any sd card! I tried with some micro SD cards. Is there a way to boot box using a USB stick inserted in a USB port?

    I'm only aware of the phoenixsuit that can boot the box from a pc via usb by cable.

    Or if you have a kernel in EMMC or SPI that can boot anything else from usb or wherever.

    Usually if Allwinner SOCs are presented with an SD that will always take priority to boot. Can you see a fat formatted SD from Android?

    The upstream vdec supports H264 and VP9 currently. HEVC is still work in progress so it will be software decoded. Other (older) codecs like MPEG4 and MPEG2 are a low priority for hardware support as even lowly S905 can software decode everything fine. You S912 nox should be able to handle 1080p media in the current state, but not 4K (as most 4K media is HEVC). The kernel stateful API changed in the semi-recent past and this broke seeking .. we're still trying to figure out what and where things need to be changed to make it work again.

    Sounds good thanks! So far I managed 720p VP9 YT in sw with minimal frame drops in Firefox on mainline, 1080p is possible but with around 10% dropped frames. Looking forward to mainlined, but at least for now I'm booting mainline with kaffeine for dvb. Unfortunately not my achievement...