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    Well, technically it would be sleep (suspend to RAM), not proper power on/off. I'm not sure anyone has any plans to work on IR in foreseeable future.

    Yepp technically you are right, but how do I explain this to my mom? If you press power on the remote it goes off and never comes back ;-)

    I hope they will understand the concept of the remote controlled power outlet.

    Thinking if I have to byte the sour apple and buy them an AppleTV, but I have no clue about this thing...

    P.S. not expecting any actions by you, just explaining my point of view.

    It's low priority for me but I'm accepting PRs if anyone else wants to do it :)

    I don't think that any supported device in LE is powered from battery... Anyway, even if crust gets supported, only button will work for turn off/on. IR and CEC are not supported in crust (yet?).

    Honestly a way to power on/off without pulling the plug would be great. IR might have to wait a while longer but that's ok :-)

    Now that the pinephone is having working images with crust FW for deep sleep and standby what is the status of crust for LE on Allwinner devices? Are there any plans or is it low priority for the time being?

    Hello all!

    I have cubieboard2, with compiled master branch of Libreeelec.

    When I start cubieboard I see Libreelec logo, then Kodi logo, but after that nothing happen with black screen. I try to ping cubieboard by IP,but no luck.

    1. Can anyone provide link to working image for cubieboar2?

    2. What can be wrong with my setup?

    Without knowing too much I'd suggest to add an usb TTL serial cable to the console port to see what happens.

    I've had more success using the VIM2 dts with random boxes than the Q200/Q201 ones. That's also true of boot firmware - the 'vim2' suffix image on our test server is for emmc installs and has mainline u-boot in the imaage, but to test that you'll need to erase emmc first else the box will always find BL2 in emmc and use it.

    Back to tampering with s912

    I was quiet for a while, playing with the Manjaro image for VIM2.

    Today it itched me to test the latest LE nightly for VIM2 to see how it's performing, as there are some hiccups with the Manjaro kernel in my opinion. But as you wrote instead of LE booted android. Is there any way to "patch" the LE image to boot from an SD on a box with an Android u-boot in EMMC? I just would like not to erase the EMMC before I'm 100% sure I won't need it anymore... So I rather play with LE sources or dd instead :-)

    Ok , I got a hint that there is a different image in nightly for exactly this case:

    Today's one is called: LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-9.80-nightly-20200802-eabee4a-box.img.gz and works fine once the dtb is set to the correct one for my box (q200) interestingly with VIM2 dtb I had a couple of reboots not sure if that was really the reason.

    Just discovered this thread now...

    Not sure what to vote for. In general I'd say no in general as you can also have kodi on plasma mobile or phosh and could in the future even use plasma bigscreen.

    But of course it's also thrilling to use it for LE experimenting ;-)

    Just one question for LE on tablets and laptops, is it in the meantime possible to connect a tv via HDMI?

    Can someone recommend a box that will work well with one of these LE images running from NAND?

    I'm thinking to buy an orangepi 3, I guess those SBCs are usually a bit better documented than the tv boxes. Also for sure no secure boot.

    Maybe jernej can comment if orangepi 3 is a reasonable recommendation or if it has some flaw. I think it has a good set of features including emmc.

    I think toothpick is used for amlogic not for Allwinner, as far as I understand Allwinner always tries SD first.

    The only button with regards to the boot process is the fel button for a boot via usb slave connection to a pc: Boot Process -

    I've no idea, but if you drop into the #librecomputer channel on freenode @lvrp16 (who owns LibreComputer) can either answer the Q or task on the Baylibre developers he pays to work on his boards to comment/investigate.

    Man you know about anyone of importance in this business ;-) thanks for the pointer!

    chewitt I was digging further into the fips repo because I got curious about @tkaiser's cheating with DVFS with the blob bl30 on the Cortex M thread in armbian forum from 2018.

    Interestingly the tartiflette bl30 and the le potato bl30 are both exactly the same build from 2018:

    gxl_v1.1.3308-45470c4 2018-04-12 16:22:58 [email protected]

    what would you expect, will this stay like this, or will libre tech push out a newer version, that might be more transparent, as seemingly hardkernel's is?

    I know it doesn't really matter, i'm just wondering because i'm getting loads of weird kernel traces probably because of the DVFS stuff, but well currently I'm not having the time to dig too deep into it, so whenever something pokes me, i'm having a go at it at night :P

    I forgot to list OrangePi 3 board.

    Thanks for nice words! To be fair, RK and AML projects are covered with very good developers too, but they have a bit less time to work on LE. We also work together on common features and one peripheral used on those SoCs is even the same (HDMI encoder), so improvements one make directly benefit others.

    That's actually the board I'm thinking to buy as an experimenting ground for LE and Manjaro.

    Honestly for me it was always easiest to find a way to communicate with you, very normal.

    Recently I found a second home with the Manjaro ARM community, they are not kernel hackers, but one level more downstream on distribution level, closer to mere mortal linux users, but very nice community open to all aarch64 SOCs with a focus on pine and khadas and odroid ;-)

    That became now quite OT...

    Hi to all.

    I'm testing LibreELEC-A20.arm-9.80-nightly-20200629-d0f7212-bananapi on my Banana Pi and there's a problem with hevc playback. Only a still image from the movie appears on the screen, the sound is played for a while, and then there is silence.

    Thanks in advance to the wise members for their explanation and possible correction.

    Kodi log

    Please see first post:


    - A20 doesn't support H265 (HEVC) - SoC was made before H265 was standardized (hardware limitation)