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    Still fiddling around with my remote

    I stopped Kodi and Eventlircd, then I startet Eventlircd in verbose mode by hand:

    LibreELEC:~ # /usr/sbin/eventlircd -f --evmap=/etc/eventlircd.d --socket=/run/lirc/lircd -vvv 

    it throws a couple of messages at me:

    eventlircd[752]: /etc/eventlircd.d/default.evmap: using 0 valid keyboard shortcut mappings
    eventlircd[752]: input device /dev/input/event0: events of unsupported event type EV_MSC will be discarded
    eventlircd[752]: input device /dev/input/event0: event code 0x04 of unsupported event type EV_MSC will be discarded
    eventlircd[752]: input device /dev/input/event0: events of unsupported event type EV_REP will be discarded
    eventlircd[752]: input device /dev/input/event0: unable to open event device: No such file or directory

    which might lead to the onclusion, that the wrong event input has been chosen, but ir-keytable can work with it:

    LibreELEC:~ # ir-keytable 
    Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event0) with:
            Name: sunxi-ir
            Driver: sunxi-ir, table: rc-empty
            Supported protocols: other rc-5 rc-5-sz jvc sony nec sanyo mce_kbd rc-6 sharp xmp 
            Enabled protocols: 
            bus: 25, vendor/product: 0001:0001, version: 0x0100
            Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms

    is anyone of you successfully using a remote with an H3 based device?

    lumpi Can you test this update: libreelec-h3.arm-9.1-devel-20181226132840-f58e089-beelink_x2.tar

    MAC shouldn't change anymore after reboots.

    Unfortunately it's still changing:

    wondering what will happen once the lease table of my router is full :-P

    Is there anything I could try for you? I suppose the MAC must be stored in some EEPROM, let me know if I should read it out or anything like this.

    Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately made it no bit better...

    If I connect a hauppauge dvb-t dongle to the raspi it works perfectly out of the box, but not with the beelink :(

    I guess I'm just too simple for this remote control stuff...

    I dug out an Asus PC-39, which is RC5 and compatible with the sunxi receiver and part of the standard remotes...

    no luck, well not completely, see what happens:

    LibreELEC:~ # ir-keytable -c -w /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps/asus_pc39 
    Read asus_pc39 table
    Old keytable cleared
    Wrote 39 keycode(s) to driver
    Protocols changed to rc-5 

    when I'm pressing a button nothing seems to happen on the big screen, but at least the button presses seem to arrive properly:

    I guess I should call it a day and try again tomorrow, or maybe im firing up the raspi with some suitable RX, lets see...

    OK giving up for today, found a second rc_maps.cfg in /etc , didn't manage making this editable, but keeping it another task for tomorrow, trying to add this line to the end:

    sunxi-ir    *        asus_pc39

    neither irw nor LibreELEC:~ # irw /run/lirc/lircd produce any output, strange...

    I didn't dive into kernel config yet. If there is some USB driver which you would like to be enabled, just say so (but it must be included in kernel already).

    That is easy, one line fix which will be included in next update, but since I don't have that board, you'll have to confirm if it works.

    I got two DVB-T Sticks and have a DVB-T2/C one on order

    The Modules of the two existing ones are called:



    The link to the corresponding pages of the three sticks are here:

    I hope you don't mind me pasting just like this...

    Testing and confirmation will be done for sure :)

    Quote from jernej

    That's true. Be aware that Allwinner never officially supported HDMI CEC on H3. I noticed that CEC on same kernel worked with one board but not another during tests. Possible explanation could be that because there was no official support for it, HW designers couldn't test it and it may not work. Even worse, CEC pin could be unconnected or connected to GPIO for software simulation of CEC protocol.

    Looking at build/beelinkx2.fex at master · armbian/build · GitHub I would say that board has CEC pin connected to GPIO port. Bad news is that CEC won't work for you for now. Good news is that kernel contains code for simulating CEC over GPIO, but I have no idea how to use that in universal way (not to break other images).

    Hmm strange decision for a TV-Box SOC...

    would be great if that could maybe be made dependant of the DTB or similar weather its HW or GPIO.

    I doubt the H3 gives any chance to hack on the HW to a normally equipped hobbyist, without BGA rework station and esoteric skills ;-)

    Quote from jernej

    Take a look at this tutorial: Infrared Remotes []

    That I will do straight away... lets see if i can get the remote going till maybe once in the future the CEC will come alive...

    Thanks again for this wonderful LE Image and the great support, really appreciating it

    Hello Jernej

    Im really satisfied with the video quality on my beelink x2. And so far most things are working.

    There are only three things that are annoying a bit (besides things like missing dvb/wlan drivers and repos, but that's known). In my setup neither the remote nor CEC is working, plus the mac keeps on changing...

    CEC seems to be a bit fragile if I'm correctly interpreting riku's posts, is there anything I could try with my old samsung smart tv, other than cables and ports? Interestingly a raspi at the same tv/cable works and during start kodi says that CEC is starting.

    The remote I couldn't get to work with lirc, but i guess thats due to me being on hostile grounds with lirc since about end of the 90ies :-P I tried this without luck: OpenElec 7.0 for Beelink X2 H3 - FreakTab

    Then I tried some more lirc stuff but couldn't seem to get the right event plumbed into lirc (in my case must be event0?!)

    Let me know if some tests on a beelink are of some help!