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    chewitt now you assigned me a new task ;-) finding out about fip sources...

    Btw. Did you find any info wrt tartiflette? Maybe I should once try from desktop rather than from my mobile, the page looked quite deserted...

    I'm currently playing with meta-meson, still fighting, but eventually getting there as a starting point. My goal is to get the S912 up at least with a proper net enabled command line, to hook it up to a hdd and maybe a dvb-c dongle for my H3 box.

    I miss jernej reversing that crap on AML, as it's done on AW so that a proper mainline u-boot is all you would ever need, but he is more than busy with AW, that's why for me (=my current use case) the H3 is still the better SOC than the S912 :-D

    Thanks to both of you for supporting us noobs besides all the other stuff :-)

    No need for any Allwinner tools. Just write the img to the sd card with dd, etcher, win32diskimager any tool writing the image bit for bit to your card. Then enther the sd into its slot and power up the box.

    It really seems s912 is quite abandoned everywhere. Tried building meta-meson for gxm-q200 and after a couple of hours of boiling my ancient i7 it failed on compiling u-boot.

    I've had more success using the VIM2 dts with random boxes than the Q200/Q201 ones. That's also true of boot firmware - the 'vim2' suffix image on our test server is for emmc installs and has mainline u-boot in the imaage, but to test that you'll need to erase emmc first else the box will always find BL2 in emmc and use it.

    Giving up for the moment trying again with the next kernel version, if I can spare some time :-)

    chewitt just one more question regarding the dtb for the x92.

    I tried to research which one works, as so far I wasn't able to boot any mainline kernel, at least I was not able to verify its running without a serial connection...

    I checked DTS in linus' tree of q200, q201 and tronsmart vega s96, where I stumbled over your name.

    If I see it correctly both eval boards are identical except for ethernet phy and buttons. Although the X92 is often considered a q201 also the factory image and the build.prop indicate in this direction, CE uses a q200 2g dtb, and as the box has a GETH port it seems more like a q200 or a vega (with most likely wrong IR hints in dts).

    Just confused how I could make it output anything non black on hdmi and repurpose it as a dvb-c recorder in the medium term...

    C2 (GXBB) has a different u-boot signing process to an S912 (GXM) device, but in terms of how the signed u-boot is written to a bootable SD card (or emmc module) it's the same

    thanks will check this out, would be sad loosing this box just now as panfrost eliminates the main reason for its uselessness ;-)

    chewitt thanks that makes sense, and I will definitely do that now.

    In fact it seems it was not the EMMC but my failed attempt on creating a proper recovery SD card. The second attempt worked and the box is now again running Android on EMMC turns out the image used was "fully loaded" now have to clean it, then can try experimenting with booting LE from stick or card.

    Do you by accident happen to know where in the EMMC the factory uboot is located? Compared to Allwinner this is just complicated and risky and the odroid seems to completely do away with all that stuff, by having the EMMC removable for flashing.

    Whatever its a chance to learn more...

    Seems I managed to semi brick my S912 based X92. It just starts up to a semi working stock recovery, no luck with booting anything at all. Toothpick won't help either, also weird tricks with amlogic card creators, armbian and so on.

    Then I already gave up for the moment, I tried the other elec (right kernel 3.14 yuck) and oh wonder it boots from usb, as if there wouldn't be anything else to expect from a bricked box.

    Has anyone a hint what I could try to make anything other than this boot? Android, LE, Armbian, *insert obscure rom here*?

    I never got clever from those aml_autoscript discussions, and whenever this pops up it seems the one who asks gets silenced and pointed to the usb tool, which doesn't work for me for various reasons.

    What do you mean by active? Mali is GPU and without it, you wouldn't see GUI, ever. But if you mean if mesa is used, yes it is. Binary driver was replaced few months back with mesa.

    Regarding deinterlacing, no it's not in yet. It needs some more debugging.

    Sorry of course i meant the lima driver, not the mali hw. I suppose by mesa you refer to lima?

    Its just too exciting seeing how many communities are working hand in hand on mainlining all aspects of SOCs. Now seems pine phone is about to get embedded controller support (crust).

    I wish this would also happen at the same pace with other vendors SOCs.

    Addons should be updated now.

    Thanks fot the heads up!

    I managed to update quite a few add ons but many failed with the dependency xbmc.python

    Is that a problem with a missing add on, or are the failing add ons just not migrated to python 3?

    Is there a way to update all add ons at once? Like with an apg-get update / dist-upgrade? Or do I need to go through all with the remote?