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    Had to cancel as the seller wanted to increase the shipping costs by a factor of 4... Let's see what will be next. First time ever something like this on Aliexpress.

    I did a bit of a research regarding H6 STB functionality. From what I can see, exactly the same image can be used on all of them, including TX6 mini. They have only few, small differences which are not important at this stage.

    If you can find detailed PCB image and Android image for that box (to extract DT), I can tell you more, but there shouldn't be any surprises.

    I'm then pretty much ddecided ordering one to extract dtb and taking pics. Will let you know once I triggered the order.

    15 to 22 days till delivery...

    Are tanix tx6 and tx6 mini most likely compatible?

    Both seem to be based on H6 with DDR3 RAM.

    Serms like the mini lacks an external wifi antenna (useless with pcie wifi or rtl wifi) and seems ro be 2GB/16GB only.

    I'm about to get a TX6 mini if chances are high that we (rather only jernej i fear, as much as we normal mortals try to help and to hack around, sorry :-( ) can get that one to work, or is it much safer getting the 4GB version instead?

    we installed quite lots of hdmi cables, mostly long runs, and various hdmi extenders (over RJ45) on board aircrafts. Those were always flaky and reducing the max resolution of the source usually helped a big deal, as this lowers the signal's bandwidth and thus max. frequency. So its not just black and white.

    I don't know much about the H6 hdmi phy but back in time there was a lot of talks about cable equalisers and such stuff regarding the equipment we had at that time. So it seems well possible, that in the future some better understanding of the config registers might help with suboptimal cables on H6 and probably others too :-)

    Well - blow me down with a feather!

    Changing HDMI cable did the trick. Does anyone know why the other HDMI cable works with Amlogic and Rockchip boxes but not with Allwinner?

    I'm having about 4, 5 HDMI cables from various sources. Some work with pi others with s912 even others with h3 but not a single one works with all of them including CEC. But I have to admit that Samsung TV and br-player are less critical on the cables than Chinese tv boxes and (UK) SBCs...

    I guess so, as all patches always patch some of the same lines, so you can't apply them all together...

    Wow price wise they are interesting! Just no 1G eth but for a tv box thats ok. Bad luck i wanted it as a poor man's nas

    ...furthest right pin is TX and the pin next to that (4th pin from left or 2nd pin from right...

    if you look at the silkscreen of the pcb you can see a little white triangle above the rightmost pin, this and the fact that the solder "eye" has a square shape means* this was considered pin 1 by the engineer who created the board ;-)

    Not important at all, but i had to scratch my itch as an el. eng...

    * = is a very strong indication

    Thanks so much for that - I was really confused. All this stuff is greek to me. Big learning curve ahead. So basically, I will still have an empty sd card after the dd command - but the file is there and hidden. I'll give it a go later and let you know how it goes - thx again :thumbup:

    You are welcome!

    I'll try to answer whatever I can. I'm just kind of an advanced linux user, by no means I'm a developer.

    If you are interested in what dd does try man dd in a console window, or well... dd(1) - Linux manual page

    Its not perfect, neither specifically for H6, but its an intro to the boot process:

    ukmark62 that dd command jernej gave you before means that you take the spl file as input (if=) and are writing it to your sdb as an output (of=) with a blocksize of 1024 (bs=) and before you write you skip 8 blocks (seek=)

    So all you do is write the raw bits of your spl in the empty space between the MBR of the card and the first partition (sdb1)

    So you won't see any files, but the rom bootloader code of the H6 checks at this very location for a magic number of a bootloader and if present loads the spl.

    You can, but in this case kernel config needs to be tweaked, to enable A10 drivers. You can try it based on my A20 branch here: GitHub - jernejsk/ at a20 (check last 3 commits) the

    honestly I'm not really interested in getting this beast back to work, as my little daughter used it to learn walking, so the LCD has a couple of nice black spots. But should you be interested in testers shout out loud :-)

    that's still not possible, but should be close. I think lima drivers needs to be improved? I don't really know.

    oh of course LIMA that I completely forgot about. I didn't actually mean Replicant style, but vendor independant mainline based android. Let's see what will happen on this front. If anything at all :-P Maybe the pine phone will bring this up to the frontline sometime in the future.