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    Thank you everybody for testing and reporting on development build.

    I ask once again: for any playback-related issues you have to post a link to a sample that I can reproduce the issue with.

    I have posted 8.0.1f build in OP with some fixes and improvements. As always, I hope there won't be many regressions - if any. I also hope there are no derps in the build - you have to understand that I develop during sleeplessness periods and have no time to test my builds. :)

    You are our hero man!

    What is your movie library structure?
    Are only movie files in movie folders or trailers, samples and such also?
    It's better to have Movies and TV shows in separate folder.

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    I have started ripping my Blu Ray collection to H264/OGG MKV files and I have a strange problem.

    Playing the final video file on my PC (Linux Mint) works fine, audio, video, no problems. When I play the video on Libreelec on my Raspberry Pi the video plays, but the audio plays backing music and sounds only, no voices. I don't understand why this would be the case, if it was an audio codec problem then no sounds would play but the problem is specific to the voices, there are four audio tracks, 2 surround, 2 stereo, and both players are playing track 1 but it doesn't make a difference I've cycled through all the tracks on the Pi and they're all the same.

    Any ideas?

    With what are you ripping and with what settings? Be more specific.

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    I just received the M8S II box today. Before I install LE , I'd like to backup recovery.img and dtb.img from the box. Can anyone guide me how to carry out these steps? Never done this before. OP mentioned copy from Android firmware. I can't understand how to even do this.

    You need to find android firmware for your box and extract it from it.
    Use sd card version first, there is no need to install it to internal rom right away.
    Also if you don't have exact android firmware you can't go back.

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    Simpler than:
    Download putty on pc
    Open it and enter players ip adress
    Login with root/libreelec
    Enter installtointernal
    Enter yes

    Don't think so...[emoji6]

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    Tried this new 012 version on Minix U1.
    Version with temp sensor almost didn't boot at all. It managed to boot after 10th cold boot.
    Then updated to non-temp version and all is great now, reboots are working fine, that skipping issue is non existent.
    Nice job kszaq, will send some virtual refreshments :))

    Thanks....will try that... Can i use usb to load this ?

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    Usb is even slower than fast sd card. On this boxes you are limited to usb 2.0. Get proper class 10 sd card, they don't cost much these days. But final solution is installing to internal, way faster.

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    Quoting the same post again but i had to.
    This one dev build of 19th November is boot-perfect on Minix U1 (S905).
    kszaq i don't know why this one is different but it certainly works.
    Can you check what is the difference between this one and all the rest that followed...?
    There has to be something.