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    Hi guys! Just wanted to check if someone else have experienced extremely slow channel management when hooked up with IPTV? If I just use the m3u-link directly with Simple IPTV Client, it is fairly good. I would really like to use TVHeadend, but it painfully slow when changing channels, often, I don't get a picture either.

    Any tips and tricks?

    Hi guys! I am trying to get Libreelec on my new Minix U9-H, but apparently I cannot boot from my SD card (Samsung Evo 32gb class10).

    I do follow the steps as described in guide but every time I get stuck at the Minix startup screen. At one occasion, I think when my thumb slipped off the power button, I got inte to the bootloader menu. It didn't feel right though so I backed out. Something is obviously wrong with my SD card and/or installation.

    I got these files on my SD card (yes, dtb is replaced with the correct one), also tried USB-stick with same result:

    I do not know how to proceed. Any ideas?

    Hi guys!
    Ordered my Minix U9-H yesterday, expected delivery on Friday. Really looking forward!

    I have not flashed Android devices since I had my HTC Hero, which obviously was ages ago. I prepared the USB (not SD) installer to be able to install LE (wrxtasy's for S912). Also added the device tree file, replacing the existing one. I also noticed that, despite I burned the S912 file to the USB installer, I had a file called "s905_autoscript" on the installer. Will this be an issue?

    Otherwise, I think I am good to go. I plan to install LE on a speedy SD card and run it from that. In the future I think I want to install this in the internal memory, I have no use of another Android TV box.

    Any headsup or pointers are more than welcome at this stage

    Windows7 already supports SMB2 - you need to create an password secured share (user/pw) then it should work. Guest shares without password is an SMB1 only "feature".

    And you need to add the share manually, you can't search for shares anymore (also a SMB1 only feature).

    Thank you for your quick reply, CvH.
    Then it is quite obvious that I have used SMB1, as I do not use password on my shares.

    I will have a go with your suggestion. I am a bit relieved that I don't need to anything else with my server. Adding user and password is just fine.


    Hi guys. Sorry if this is just another junk thread, but I have been googling in order to find an answer. I found some information, but I do not really know what to do

    Today, I wanted to start fresh with a new installation, so I took the latest release (8.2.5) from the site using the usb creator SW. Installation went through smoothly, as always. But when I started to add media, I couldn't find my SMB shares. Well, off to Google, where I found something about that SMB v1 is obsolete.

    Since I didn't even know that there are more versions, I have no clue what my "server" uses, it runs windows 7.

    Anyway, what should I do? Enabling SMB v1 in LE sounds like a temporarily solution (though this didn't work for me). Do I need to disable SMB v1 on my windows machine, serving as media server?

    Thanks in advance!

    could you please try the following....

    Set the output configuration to "fixed" and set it to 48? Does that help?

    Thank you for your feedback, it is very appreciated. I tried this setting but no luck. Strangely though, when I started the HTPC tonight, the audio worked, again. But only the first time, after a reboot of the computer I am back to square one. There is no way to force the sound back. I tried to shut everything down to do it again, with the exact same pre-requisite, but no change.
    After some extensive testing I now know what causes the error, but really dont know how to fix it. The issue seems to be connected to my projector. When I start the system, I tend to start the computer first, then the receiver, and the projector last. Everyone that owns a projector knows that the projector don't light up instantly, for me it can take up to 20-30 seconds. This will make the audio work everytime I start the system. But it does not work if I reboot the computer, since the projector is running at that time.

    So, I tried to shut everything down again, and then started up again. It works. So there is something with the settings regarding Projector or Projector<->Receiver.
    Or can I bypass this issue with a setting in Kodi? The workaround is good enough, for now, but I would really want to fix this very very annoying issue.

    Okay, I just experienced a very strange thing. I decided to retrieve some debug logfiles instead of these more general ones. When the HTPC started I had audio!! One drawback was that the resolution was 640x480p (instead of the desired 1920x1080p), I retrieved the debug logfile, attached to this post as debugfile_1. I had a quick look at the audio settings (note that the output device is ALSA: HD-Audio Generic, @@@):

    I decided to restart the HTPC, and change the resolution and get a new debug logfile. But then the audio wasn't working again, and I did no changes to the settings that may have created this behavior. I took a new screenshot on (this time, note that the output device have changed slightly (ALSA:HD-Audio Generic, HDMI), the video output remains the same though:

    The change of audio output (no "@@@") causes the system to not send any audio. In fact, the audio stream is not available at all (grayed out):

    I have added the debug log file below, debugfile_1 is the one where everything worked. Debugfile_2 also contains the issues I had after rebooting

    Please let me know if you require more information of me. I am stuck for the moment, I don't know how to move forward.

    I have a big issue with Libreelec and my Onkyo 609 receiver, the issue was also present with Openelec, so I assume it is connected to my specific setup.
    Anyway, I have been running on an older OpenElec release (5.0.8) for quite some time (as later releases didn't work in terms of audio output). I decided to have a go with Libreelec instead, but I get the same issue as I had with the later Openelec releases.

    I get no audio output, only video. It is pretty obvious that it is connected to the Onkyo, as it works as it should when connecting it directly to a TV without the receiver. I have enabled audio pass through for all of the types, without success.

    Anyone have a clue? I can attach a logfile later on when I am back home.

    HW: Asus E45M1-i with a HD 6320 GPU (Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC)
    Onkyo 609
    Benq W1070


    Yep that's plenty

    Thanks for confirming my hopes. However, the chipset seems to lack compatibility for LE 7.x.x. Older versions are working flawlessly (even with OE), but an upgrade to Jarvis will make the HW go nuts. I don't get a video signal from the GPU.

    Is this a known issue for my HW? What is the difference between 6.x.x and 7.x.x that might cause this behaviour?