HW questions. Shouldn't this be enough?

  • Hi!
    I was trying to build a lightweight media system for our livingroom, able t play bluray-rips at he most. The base is a Asus N3050i-C motherboard with 2 gigs of RAM, while using the integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics). Shouldn't this not be enough?

  • Yep that's plenty

    Thanks for confirming my hopes. However, the chipset seems to lack compatibility for LE 7.x.x. Older versions are working flawlessly (even with OE), but an upgrade to Jarvis will make the HW go nuts. I don't get a video signal from the GPU.

    Is this a known issue for my HW? What is the difference between 6.x.x and 7.x.x that might cause this behaviour?

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