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    Hi all and merry Christmas :)

    The wife has been kind enough to get me a retroflag snespi case which has a working shutdown button, reset button and working led.

    Now I've gone onto there github and got the script working on my retropie sd card.

    What I'm trying to do now is get it working on my libreelec sd card.

    They do not have one for libreelec on there github and I don't have a clue where to start with this and just wondered if anyone could help me on here

    This is the link for the retropie script

    GitHub - RetroFlag/retroflag-picase: RetroFlag Pi-Case Safe Shutdown

    Thanks in advance

    ok so i have been playing round with this for the last couple of hours and here is what i know so far.

    My drive connected to my router works exactly the same as libreelec default installation samba share. (ive done a fresh install on spare sd card).

    Neither libreelec or the hdd plugged into my hub show up on windows 10 network as default, i have to enter the server ip into run to find them or map a network drive.

    on a defualt installation of libreelec i can add media via samba share and all works as it should, all works as it should on windows aswell.

    My problem comes when i follow the wiki to mount the network drive to libreelec, it just will not work.

    Like i have said in previous post when i map the drive to windows it doesnt ask for any type of username or password so it obviously doesnt need one.

    so if thats the case surely someone knows what i should be entering for a username and password in the config in system.d directory to make this work, im pretty sure this is why its not working.

    Thanks in advance

    Ok well that's just assured me that the Bt smart hub doesn't use Smb1

    Reason I know this is because when I connect a usb device to my router Windows does not see it in my network.

    I have to either map network drive or goto run and enter \\\

    Then I will be able to access the drive.

    So what I want to do is mount that network drive to my libreelec installation.

    Wiki says it's possible but I'm struggling. I do believe it's because my share doesnt have a username or password so what I want to know is what do I enter in replace of username and password when following the wiki.


    hello everyone,

    i dont very often come her as i dont very often have any problems with libreelec 8.2.5.

    But im altering the way in which i use it all to suit my needs and im having a hard time trying to mount a 2tb western digital my passport which is plugged into my router which is a bt smart hub.

    firstly i can connect to the drive from my pc using \\\MyPassport this works perfect (i believe i have to do it this way as ive read the smart hub uses smb1.0)

    My phones file manager also see's the drive connected to the router.

    But i cant for the life of me get libreelec to mount it.

    ive followed the wiki but still no joy.

    i hope someone can help me please.

    this code produces the following error which im not quite clear what it means

    1. systemctl status storage-recordings.mount

    storage-mypassport.mount - cifs mount script

    Loaded: loaded (/storage/.config/system.d/storage-mypassport.mount; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)

    Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sun 2018-12-23 14:24:01 GMT; 46s ago

    Where: /storage/mypassport

    What: //

    Process: 379 ExecMount=/usr/bin/mount // /storage/mypassport -t cifs -o rw,vers=1.0 (code=exited,


    Mar 24 15:12:22 LibreELEC systemd[1]: Mounting cifs mount script...

    Dec 23 14:24:01 LibreELEC systemd[1]: storage-mypassport.mount: Mount process exited, code=exited status=255

    Dec 23 14:24:01 LibreELEC systemd[1]: Failed to mount cifs mount script.

    Dec 23 14:24:01 LibreELEC systemd[1]: storage-mypassport.mount: Unit entered failed state.

    As you can see i didnt add a username or password as it doesnt require one when i use the shares.

    Thanks in advance


    Ok so I have come to the conclusion that something has changed in libreelec itself making the keymap editor useless now.

    I've followed the wiki to configure my remote. I've successfully done that and assigned a button to another key, now when I do this the button does nothing even though the ir-keytable sees that button as being setup up correctly.

    It will not map through HDMI cec either using keymap editor.

    Now here is how I know something has changed, when I use to use this same pi on my old living room tv last year i use to use keymap editor to change the coloured buttons to info/context menu etc and all worked perfect.

    That old tv is now in the conservatory so I've pulled out a spare sd card, fresh install of libreelec 8.2.5 and only installed keymap editor. By default blue button open photos, so I try and change it to context button like I have in the past. As I press it to map it it appears to have mapped successfully but makes the swoosh noise in the background like it's trying to open photos, so press back couple of times and save. Exit keymap editor and all should work you would think but no blue button still opens photos.

    I've been messing around with this all night and just annoyed that something I always use to setup in the past no longer works, even with the same tv.


    that just looks like alot of jargon lol.

    I thought it would of been easier than that as like I said keymap editor worked using my tv remote through HDMI cec.

    Is there no way I could somehow delete say a file that clears all current key maps then start fresh using the keymap editor.


    hoping someone here can help me with this little problem.

    I want to change what a couple of buttons do on my rc6 mce remote that I use (mainly power button)

    Here's the setup, basically I run a pi3 with libre elec 8.2.5 using with my mce remote. As standard pressing the power button shuts down the pi and the kids and wife always press it not realising thinking they are turning the tv off, then I have to go behind the tv cupboard to unplug and 're plug in the psu for the pi, my pi is hidden at back of tv cupboard so not easily reachable.

    So far I tried using keymap editor add-on from kodi repo as I remembered using that a while ago for a HDMI cec remote for tv.

    But it doesn't work with the mce remote.

    When I navigate through keymap editor to select power off options (so when the power button is pressed it brings power option box up instead) it just turns off my pi when trying to set the button.

    Can anyone shine any light on this problem.



    I'm either really stupid or really really stupid lol but I can't seem to figure out how this webgrabplus works.

    I'm looking for a little help if that's possible please.

    All I have done so far is downloaded the webgrabplus add-on and had a look to see if I can make sense of it myself but I'm not sure I can on this occasion.

    I have a iptv sub and want to use this with the guide.

    So my questions are, what do I actually put in the config file and also do I have to put anything into my m3u file to match these settings within web grab plus.

    Also where would the outputted xmltv file be located with guide info so that i can point simple iptv client to that.

    Sorry if I sound dumb but I really am unsure on this one lol.

    Thanks in advance

    solved it :)

    Just for future reference and anybody else wanting to know.

    I used universal xml scraper, select the option for recalbox (not retropie) and it outputs images and gameslist in your roms directory.

    Copy striaight to your pi libreelec install and everything shows beautifully.

    My next problem is shaders and overlays all seem to cause stuttering, even the ones i use on my retropie build that work fine on there.

    Any ideas why that is.



    so there is no easy way to scrape roms then.

    I have my whole rom collection scraped and backed up on my computer from retropie.

    now if i transfer that over to libreelec they do not shows but if i edit the gamlist.xml and alter the file location it works.

    Surely i do not need to edit every single entry within that xml to match.


    Hi i have just installed gamestarter and there is no sound in emulation station and retroarch.

    So heres the deal. I have a fresh install of libreelec 8.2.5 on my raspberry pi 3.

    Setting it all up with me media etc then getting onto setting up gamestarter.

    I installed emulationstation,retroarch then downloaded all lakka core package from the retroarch menu.

    I then loaded retroarch configured my ps3 controllers to use wireless and back to kodi interface.

    then launched emulation station and noticed no sound, i then launched a rom and also noticed no sound within game either.

    So heres the strange part. i went exited retroarch and emulation station back to kodi, using my tv remote to navigate kodi i got gui sounds but using the ps3 controller to navigate gives me no gui sound, is the normal behaviour and also could anyone point me in the write direction so get the sound working.



    I'm having a hard time getting you new repo to work.

    The old one use to work fine but upon changing my sd card in my pi2 I have started fresh.

    My first problem is it looks like I have to download each core separately which I wish to use. That's fine but I can't find a single n64 core.

    Secondly psx emulation use to work spot on in previous gamestarter version now on the new repo it's very slow fps to a unplayable point.

    Anybody having theses issues or am I doing something wrong.