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    Ive had bad experiences in the past with NTFS on the raspberry pi that's why I use ext4 all the time now.

    When using NTFS the pi runs alot hotter than it does using ext4 when writing to the external drive. I've had it crash several times using NTFS because of this when trying to copy stuff over.

    I have now solved the problem by dual booting my computer so that I have Linux on it as well.

    I have formatted the drive under Linux with ext4 then copied my stuff over to the drive that way.

    Everything seems to have gone smoothly and is now back up and running.

    I just wonder if the pi was not quite capable enough for my to transfer my 760gb of media over samba lol.

    Probably my fault pushing it to much.

    Thanks anyway.

    Hi all,

    Not long got myself a new hard drive and having a strange problem transferring videos files from my win10 pc to WD passport 2tb hard drive connected to my raspberry pi3.

    A little background first,

    I had been using the same setup with a WD passport 1tb formatted in ext4 no problems at all. After ripping all the kids dvds to MP4 and copying them over the drive started to become quite full and I hadn't even started on mine and the wife's TV box sets.

    So I purchased the exact same drive but 2tb.

    I have a backup of all movies I ripped on the home computer, a windows 10 machine so started to copy them over to the new 2tb hard drive which I have checked for errors and formatted to ext4.

    After selecting a few films it reaches near the end of transferring and says that files already exist, the options are skip, overwrite or cancel

    If I click skip I get left with some video files at 0kb.

    If i click overwrite it tells me I don't have permission.

    So if I click skip and then try and delete the 0kb files so I can try and transfer them again it tells me I don't have permission, so I'm now stuck with 0kb files I can't delete.

    I can delete rename etc any file that has copied successful.

    Anybody know what this is.

    I'm using a pi3 with latest libreelec version



    Hi bite_your_idols.

    I have a quick question.

    Is there anyway to keep Kodi running in the background whilst using retroarch.

    The reason I ask I because I've just started trying out internet archive game launcher.

    It works fine with your gamestarter add-on but what I find annoying is then when I exit a game it loads Kodi again from start.

    It would be nice if it could just keep Kodi running and go back to the game list from internet archive game launcher.



    The thing is the dual shock 3 doesn't work.

    Out of the box, fresh install of LE9 nothing else installed except your retroarch, launch retroarch and the PS3 controller doesn't work in retroarch.

    As it doesn't work and does not navigate through the retroarch menu the only option is to unplug the pi which isn't good for the SD card.

    I encourage you to install LE9 on a fresh SD card then install your retroarch.

    Connect your PS3 controller and launch retroarch and then you will see, it does not work.

    Hopefully soon there will be others that also have this problem once running LE9 that way something might be done about it.


    Hi everyone.

    Firstly thanks for your quick work releasing Kodi 18 but I have a question before upgrading.

    I currently use 8.2.5 with the gamestarter add-on to run emulation station with retroarch.

    Now I see Kodi 18 can also run ROMs native

    If so should I run my setup all through Kodi or is the gamestarter add-on by bite_your_idols still be the best choice.

    Thanks In advance


    Hi all,

    I have a quick question as this is bothering me.

    I use libreelec on my raspberry pi3 with a Western digital my passport usb HDD attached to it.

    I have noticed when I shutdown the raspberry pi via Kodi I can hear that hard drive making a a clunk noise. I believe this is the heads parking within the hard drive.

    It sounds kind of worrying.

    My hard drive spins down after a set amount of time by itself if it's not in use so even if I leave it a while when I shutdown libreelec it will spin up the drive before turning the pi off and make the same noise.

    Now I'm not sure if this is normal libreelec behaviour but I'm worrying it could be excessively wearing my drive out.

    If I plug the hard drive into my windows computer, when I safely remove the device it will spin down the drive before it tells me it's safe to remove the device so on windows I don't get the same clunk noise.

    Any info would be appreciated


    Hi everyone,

    I have just got myself a new SD card for my libreelec setup my current one must be 2 years old now, also wanted a bigger one.

    I've been running 8.2.5 on my on my pi3 but with Kodi now on rc4 I'm assuming the new release of Kodi is just around the corner.

    So if install 8.2.5 stable will that upgrade to the latest version easy enough when it's released, or would I be better off installing the latest alpha as I assume that would just update to stable from alpha.

    I don't want to spend a couple of hour setting everything up on 8.2.5 stable to find that when version 9 stable comes out that I gotta start fresh again.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi all and merry Christmas :)

    The wife has been kind enough to get me a retroflag snespi case which has a working shutdown button, reset button and working led.

    Now I've gone onto there github and got the script working on my retropie sd card.

    What I'm trying to do now is get it working on my libreelec sd card.

    They do not have one for libreelec on there github and I don't have a clue where to start with this and just wondered if anyone could help me on here

    This is the link for the retropie script

    GitHub - RetroFlag/retroflag-picase: RetroFlag Pi-Case Safe Shutdown

    Thanks in advance

    ok so i have been playing round with this for the last couple of hours and here is what i know so far.

    My drive connected to my router works exactly the same as libreelec default installation samba share. (ive done a fresh install on spare sd card).

    Neither libreelec or the hdd plugged into my hub show up on windows 10 network as default, i have to enter the server ip into run to find them or map a network drive.

    on a defualt installation of libreelec i can add media via samba share and all works as it should, all works as it should on windows aswell.

    My problem comes when i follow the wiki to mount the network drive to libreelec, it just will not work.

    Like i have said in previous post when i map the drive to windows it doesnt ask for any type of username or password so it obviously doesnt need one.

    so if thats the case surely someone knows what i should be entering for a username and password in the config in system.d directory to make this work, im pretty sure this is why its not working.

    Thanks in advance

    Ok well that's just assured me that the Bt smart hub doesn't use Smb1

    Reason I know this is because when I connect a usb device to my router Windows does not see it in my network.

    I have to either map network drive or goto run and enter \\\

    Then I will be able to access the drive.

    So what I want to do is mount that network drive to my libreelec installation.

    Wiki says it's possible but I'm struggling. I do believe it's because my share doesnt have a username or password so what I want to know is what do I enter in replace of username and password when following the wiki.