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    Hi i have just installed gamestarter and there is no sound in emulation station and retroarch.

    So heres the deal. I have a fresh install of libreelec 8.2.5 on my raspberry pi 3.

    Setting it all up with me media etc then getting onto setting up gamestarter.

    I installed emulationstation,retroarch then downloaded all lakka core package from the retroarch menu.

    I then loaded retroarch configured my ps3 controllers to use wireless and back to kodi interface.

    then launched emulation station and noticed no sound, i then launched a rom and also noticed no sound within game either.

    So heres the strange part. i went exited retroarch and emulation station back to kodi, using my tv remote to navigate kodi i got gui sounds but using the ps3 controller to navigate gives me no gui sound, is the normal behaviour and also could anyone point me in the write direction so get the sound working.



    I'm having a hard time getting you new repo to work.

    The old one use to work fine but upon changing my sd card in my pi2 I have started fresh.

    My first problem is it looks like I have to download each core separately which I wish to use. That's fine but I can't find a single n64 core.

    Secondly psx emulation use to work spot on in previous gamestarter version now on the new repo it's very slow fps to a unplayable point.

    Anybody having theses issues or am I doing something wrong.


    I have a SanDisk ultra 32gb.

    I have been out and bought a new one exactly the same as the old one was probably getting a little old anyway.

    Inserting the new one into the laptop and writing le8 to the sd card straight away I noticed that the write speed was faster than the previous sd card. The old one averaged around 8-9 mbs but the new one averaged around 13-mbs so my guess was that the old sd card was getting to old lol.

    Either way it has improved the overall speed now so all is good and thank you so much for all your help.

    I do however have one more question now.

    I have had similar speed decreases on my ssd in my desktop in the past, but a internal secure write zeros using parted magic and a fresh install has always bought it back to life.

    Is there a way this can be done with sd cards.

    I always use sd formatter quick resize option enable before installing le8 on any device. Would a full erase or overwrite erase do the same thing as I have done to my ssd in the past.


    You can always switch to 720p in system/video settings.

    That will prove if the issue is purely resolution dependent, or if something else in the update has caused it.

    The most bizzare thing is I reformatted my pi2 with latest update that I use in the bedroom on the new tv tonight and that is not suffering from the same gui lagging that my pi3 is. To be honest the pi2 is running alot smoother and everything loads quicker than the pi3.

    Not sure What it can be but surely it can only be down to the sd cards so I'm off to buy a new one in the morning.

    strangely it all seems to work as of last night.

    I did however reset my router and disabled a load of rubbish that bt enable as default to see if that was the problem.

    Maybe it was I know the bt smart setup causes problems but I've always disabled that anyway.

    Anyways thank you very much for your help and I can't start enjoying you brilliant add on again now :)


    hi all :)

    Hoping someone here can help me a little here.

    I have a pi 3 with latest le8 on it connected to my old tv which only had 720p hd and everything worked perfect.

    I have now just bought a new tv which is 1080p. I reformatted and reinstalled le8 on my sd for the pi3 as I thought it would be nice to start fresh with new tv :).

    But I have noticed that when navigating through the kodi gui it seems a little stuttering is present and overall the performance just seems a little slower.

    Could this be because it is now running in 1080p.

    I've never touched any settings I always leave everything as default except for adding my mpeg2 licence.

    Could it be that it needs optimising if so what do you guys change to get the best out of the pi3, or is it pretty much optimised already from the word go.

    Thanks in advance


    Thanks for you response very much appreciated.

    which log files do I need to check.

    I know the basics but I'm not a savvy lol.

    My internet connection on the pi is fine it's wired straight to router and last night I was reinstalling all my other add-ons skins etc kept trying your add on every now and then but again still no luck.


    hi just a update on this problem I'm having as I was having a few more tries last night.

    I cannot actually download anything from within the gamestarter addon.

    I have tried v2.8 and 2.9 and I've also tried le8.0.1 and 8.0.2 with none of them combinations working.

    Any help would be very much appreciated



    I have been using this addon for a little while and must say i have enjoyed it very much thank you.

    now whats happened is i seem to have corrupt my sd card in my pi, so if i went to buy a new one.

    ive reinstalled le8 latest version and setup like i always do, installed your addon v2.8 for le8 then this is where my problem starts.

    when i first setup i launched first time then copied roms, rebooted, launched straight into retroarch to configure my controllers then i went ahead and installed emulationstation and themes no problem.

    only this time it wont install emulationstation or thems. i click to install emulation station and it will just say installing for hours, if i press enter on keyboard (for ok) it will immediately tell me it is installed but it isnt.

    ive been trying all day with no lock ive even reinstalled le8 but no luck.