Cubox i4 Pro

  • Thanks. I’ve been using the same Fedora 22 machine to build since back in the days of OE 5.0.x . Maybe that machine is due for an upgrade.

    I’m hoping to build the 4.4 kernel as that’s the image I am using now, which includes my drivers natively.

    I’ll upgrade to a newer Fedora and have another go. Thanks again!

  • And what problem exactly do you have? I assume some packages has been upgraded on Fedora and now you have problems.

    Builed image with 4.4 kernel succesfully.

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  • I upgraded to Fedora 28 but the build still fails with weird symbol errors.

    So I spun up a VM running Ubuntu 16.04 instead, so I would have the same environment as you. The build there works perfectly. Thanks for the pointers!

    At some stage I will try to build a different platform (probably rpi) on the Fedora machine to see if the problem is only specific to building imx6.