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    Thanks for the suggestion. Running it in a VM would be easier in the sense the project already produces an OVA so, yeah, maybe that’s a starting point for now.

    Having said that, a Docker container should actually be both simpler and faster, as it provides proper bare metal access to the hardware (networking is the only components that’s truly abstracted). It’s just a matter of figuring out how to get LE to fit into a container in the first place.

    I know the LE project uses VMs for testing, but I’m not sure how usable that can be as a front-end on a low-power system. Even if the GPU and storage are passed through, you’re still dealing with the overhead of a hypervisor and various layers of virtualization/paravirtualization.

    Anyways, thanks for all the feedback. I will report back on how I go.

    Thanks. I’d anticipated the showstoppers to be related to dtoverlays or kernel models or something similar. I hadn’t even considered the packaging of LE.

    I certainly wouldn’t expect official support for a container-based install. I’d be happy to contribute back if I get something working though. You’d have to admit there are some similarities between LE’s design goals and the docker deployment model; they’re both conceptually a minimal, immutable base layer with a thin read-write area layered on top.

    I’ve decided it’s time to consolidate my myriad SBCs down to a single platform (actually, my wife has decided this for me ;)).

    I’d like to containerise everything on this one box to keep it all isolated. Writing Dockerfiles to migrate my other services (OpenVPN, bind, etc) has been easy. I left the LibreELEC box until last because I knew it would be the most difficult.

    I’d prefer to run LE inside a container and not use it as the ‘host’ OS. Some of the other containers contain sensitive information and if a vulnerability in LE exposed them, that would be... bad. Running LE in its own container means I can drop most capabilities and re-map the root user to something less privileged.

    I realise I can just run Kodi itself in a container (there are already a few working examples, using both GBM and X11), but doing that means I lose all the optimisations that make LibreELEC so great.

    So... has anyone looked at running LE inside a container before? Are there any blockers that make this impossible?

    I upgraded to Fedora 28 but the build still fails with weird symbol errors.

    So I spun up a VM running Ubuntu 16.04 instead, so I would have the same environment as you. The build there works perfectly. Thanks for the pointers!

    At some stage I will try to build a different platform (probably rpi) on the Fedora machine to see if the problem is only specific to building imx6.

    Thanks. I’ve been using the same Fedora 22 machine to build since back in the days of OE 5.0.x . Maybe that machine is due for an upgrade.

    I’m hoping to build the 4.4 kernel as that’s the image I am using now, which includes my drivers natively.

    I’ll upgrade to a newer Fedora and have another go. Thanks again!

    Thanks, I thought that might be the case. I also tried to build from the 8.2.5 tag and that seemed pretty broken too.

    Obviously you’ve been able to build 8.2.5 in order to offer the image download. I am really impressed that you managed it. I and am wondering what patches and or build env changes you needed in order to make this work for you??

    First of all, I just wanted to say thanks vpeter for your work in keeping this alive.

    For many years, I have been compiling my own OE/LE for CuBox because I needed to include patches for some third-party drivers. I recently discovered those drivers have been mainlined, so I decided to give your build a try. It works perfectly!

    One question, though: It turns out I still need to build LE anyway this time so I can run the create_addon script to re-compile a couple of addons (the libs in 8.2.x are too new from my old versions).

    I know the imx6 project was removed from LE master a few months ago. I’ve tried to add the sub-directory back but I hit a bunch of different complication errors when I try to build either the latest master or 8.2.5 .

    Can you share what you needed to do to create yourself a working imx6 build environment for the latest versions?

    Thanks again!