• Hi,

    I would like to monitor my odroid-c2 with libreelec, is it possible to add zabbix-agent ?

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    If someone submits the add-on code to our repo along with a pledge to maintain it over time we're happy to build and publish - otherwise I'd see it as an über-niche requirement; AFAIK you're the first person to ask for zabbix in the ~6 years I've been hanging around the LE/OE team.

    zabbix-agent might be an easier option. Probably not as efficient in terms of "small light agent" if it requires a nice big fat OS image to run the agent, but functionally it'll do the job.

  • Well. Apparently, I'm the second person to ask for it.

    I'll poke around and see if I can figure out how to install it.

  • I know it's quite old, but I managed zabbix agent on my libreelec to work. Without docker, just few megabytes. If anyone still interested, please let me know here.

  • It's pretty easy, but I don't know how to package it.

    1) Just downloaded the agent (I'm using x86_64, so need to use an old one for linux 3.0 but it works)…x-3.0-amd64-static.tar.gz
    2) Unpacked it into /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent

    3) Now it's time to zabbix config - in /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent/conf/zabbix_agentd.conf need to set at least option Server; I have also ServerActive and hostname and...

    4) User. User must be set in above config file to nobody. We cannot add new user to LE, so it's the only way to lest zabbix_agent work. Well, not only - is it also possible to set AllowRoot as 1, but it's better to not use root.
    5) Last step is to add /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent/sbin/zabbix_agentd --config /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent/conf/zabbix_agentd.conf to autostart (/storage/.config/

    That's all. Only restart needed.