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    Is it possible some way to play two audio sources at the same time?

    In details:
    We have no chimney at home, so my wife like to display fireplace from youtube with some music, but it's limited choice of such music.
    The perfect solution will be to display stream from youtube (fireplace with natural fire sound or without audio at all) and in the same time - play some music: files from library, another youtube or radio.

    Is it possible to achieve?

    My remote is (and isn't at the same time) well known Speedlink SL-6399-SBK

    Why it isn't? I'm using speedlink's receiver, but remote itself is replaced with OneForAll universal remote, because I could configure only one remote for all my devices.
    From remote point of view - its repeats keypresses correctly, used for tv, or cable decoder.

    Kodi of course.
    MCE remote is connected by usb IR receiver and works almost perfectly - with that one "issue", which is just uncomfortable.

    Maybe it's important - the same is for all kodi parts - list of files, movies etc. Expected behaviour when I press a button is to do something once (volume up/down, move through the list etc), and if I stiil keep the same button pressed - after some break continue to do the same actions until I release the button.

    I have my setup working, libreelec on x86_64 with some gadgets (LCD screen, custom buttons etc). One of devices is MCE remote.
    And I strongly dislike its behavior related to volume control. To change volume ie 5 steps up I had to press button 5 times. Is it any way to let me press and hold a button to change volume for few steps?


    I've build my own libreelec device: amd64, based on Dell Wyse thin client, AMD CPU.
    This has only stereo output, so I can add USB 5.1 card to the setup.
    I have cheap one, identified as

    Bus 003 Device 010: ID 0d8c:0102 C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM106 Like Sound Device

    Unfortunately, it plays only stereo, via Front output. Rear and Center/Sub are completely quiet. I can tune their volume via alsamixer, but they are still without sound
    I've checked the device with another linux machine (current linux mint) and it works like a charm. So - device is fine and there is correct driver in the kernel.

    In alsamixer I can see and do completely the same as on linux mint system, so it looks ok.
    Of course from Kodi side I've set correct output device and 5.1 output.

    Some time ago there was an addon - Kodi Audio Mixer. Maybe it would help, but it doesn't work for me now - I see long list of outputs without any description.
    What to do?

    EDIT: reg to Kodi Audio Mixer - installed it and moved all gauges one by one (there is about 20). No change, still only stereo.

    I've installed barnd new Libreelec 11 and want to use hyperion with that. Unfortunately, there is a lack of some X11 libs in libreelec, so hyperion daemon don't start.
    I copied the libraries from another (older) instance and hyperion can start and show some light effects. But - it's still cannot use X11 output, so can't make its main work - light up leds in relation to displayed media. In hyperion I can only use Framebuffer, but it does not work (I guess framebuffer is empty).

    Hot to install X11 libs in new libreelec?

    For completely other project I've tried to use SpeechRecognition in python. It just works very well. So, next idea - maybe t can be used to voice control Libreelec? But...

    1) My addon development experience is... well... just initial - I've took someone's else addon and made some changes. For such project I need an addon which starts at boot and listens to all the time. I don't know how to achieve it but it's probably doable.

    ...and here's the bigger problem:
    2) Python library I used (SpeechRecognition) is a wrapper to google API. So using it is very easy, just few lines of code to have a simple speech-to-text mechanism. But - is it possible to install it in any way in libreelec?
    I thought also about copying its code (I know, it's non-python way), or copying entire lib just next to my addon etc, but to listen to from microphone it needs pyaudio, which itself refers to compiled library ( in my case, linux mint). And probably here's the real issue with such idea.
    Or - maybe there is portaudio in Libreelec by default? But in this case still - what with pyaudio and final speech recognition package?

    Did anyone try to achieve something like this? Is it possible to use that python package in Libreelec?

    additionally in my current project I've used gTTS to let program answer, but it has much less priority. Answers may be or may be not, also I can generate some default messages like "Done", "Working" etc.

    I can't see any visualization during playing music.

    I have few visualization plugins installed (Goom, Spectrum, Shadertoy).

    The only setting I've found is the one in screensaver options and of course it is turned on.

    When visualization is on I can see only black screen, on all visualization plugins.

    There is a difference when I completely turn visualization plugins off - there is a standard Estuary/gold background visible, so I guess that visualization mechanism starts but do not work properly

    How to find the reason, how to solve it?

    Is there any additional setting I've missed? Or logs to check?

    I had the same issue before libreelec upgrade.

    Libreelec version: 10.0.2

    It's pretty easy, but I don't know how to package it.

    1) Just downloaded the agent (I'm using x86_64, so need to use an old one for linux 3.0 but it works)…4-static.tar.gz
    2) Unpacked it into /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent

    3) Now it's time to zabbix config - in /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent/conf/zabbix_agentd.conf need to set at least option Server; I have also ServerActive and hostname and...

    4) User. User must be set in above config file to nobody. We cannot add new user to LE, so it's the only way to lest zabbix_agent work. Well, not only - is it also possible to set AllowRoot as 1, but it's better to not use root.
    5) Last step is to add /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent/sbin/zabbix_agentd --config /storage/.kodi/userdata/zabbix_agent/conf/zabbix_agentd.conf to autostart (/storage/.config/

    That's all. Only restart needed.


    I want to summarize my knowledge about keys, remotes etc.

    My libreelec box (amd64) uses simultaneously MCE remote, wireless keyboard (logitech one, with nano) and will use arduino leonardo as usb keyboard (whcih will handle some cover buttons).

    I need some remappings and I had config partially fixed, but I don't understand it globally.

    Last days I've implemented ambilight (via hyperion and arduino) and I need a key to turn it on/off.

    And it's done - on the wireless keyboard Ive put into


    something like that:


    where /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.hyperion.switch/ is just a script to switch all hyperion service on and off.

    This part works.

    Now, I want to do the same on the remote ...and I can't.

    What is not clear with my remote?

    1. Another location of config


    I can't find any working (in my case) solution with config file in the same place (under keymaps dir), which should be obvious thing in my opinion.

    2. Lircmap.xml looks like this:

    Display Spoiler


    <remote device="devinput">









    - KEY_TUNER, KEY_AUDIO, KEY_GREEN, KEY_GREEN are button codes taken from irw monitor,

    - yellow, green - are color of physical buttons

    - myvideo and mypicture are WORKING redirections of red and blue buttons into corresponding kodi places

    - <power>Sleep</power> is also WORKING solution to sleep machine after PC Power button stroke (I have two - PC Power and TV Power).

    And here's the place where I understand less I thought.

    in keyboard section

    <insert>System.Exec("/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.hyperion.switch/")</insert> means, that pressing insert (tag key) calls System.Exec function (value): Press <tag> -> Call "value"

    in remote section:

    <myvideo>KEY_TUNER</myvideo> means something completely different! Pressing <value> calls <tag>! KEY_TUNER calls myvideo place in my kodi.

    This is a mess, but not the biggest one!

    also in remote section:

    <power>Sleep</power> works same as keyboard! <tag> calls <value>!

    To be honest, now I don't know how to remap the rest of my remote. Where I should use which notation type? How to call external script ( in this case)?

    May I have all the config in one place - it may be in separate files, but in one dir? Few years ago I did most of remote remappings but I've lost it just because of this location mess (don't ask :) )

    My remote is cheap speedlink sl-6399-sbk

    I do not transmit video in this case at all.
    I know I can cast i.e. youtube or other media files and it works well. In this case I want to transmit only audio - video is on another display, independent on kodi/le at all. If I understand it correctly - yes, I need no-latency audio transmission, but this is not the same latency as in advancedsettings.xml - this one is related to sync A/V. I don't have video here.

    Of course, I will test both things tomorrow, thank you.

    As above - is it possible to turn off DLNA buffering?
    I have libreelec (x86_64) box and pc (running linux mint) in the same room, and incidentally I want to see, let's say, youtube video on pc and transmit audio to LE box and it's speakers.
    It works almost well, unfortunately audio is few second late, I guess because of some buffering.

    May I turn it off somehow? I know, that it can be risky, but we are talking about two machines which are really close. 4-5 meters of 1Gb ethernet with Gigabit switch in the middle. So I believe I can do it here if this is technically possible.
    To clarify - I don't want to turn off buffering globally - I have other media on other (in far locations, SMB) machines, listening radio etc. Just and only for DLNA.

    I don't know how to describe it precisely...

    When I start DVD (original movie), I see black&white movie and on top of it - four rectangles with the same pictures - topleft and topright are pink with some greens and the bottom ones are green with some pinks or vice versa.

    I really hope that someone understand the issue.

    I suppose that there is something with color layers, but I don't know how to fix it?

    I have the latest Libreelec on generic PC. As far as I know it failed after upgrade from Libreelec 8.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me.
    I have a disc burned on my PC and I can browse it on PC. When I put it into my libreelec device (generic, on intel mobo) I play it - which causes playing first movie on the disc. Probably I can navigate between movies, but I can't see its filesystem with directories tree etc.