Volume Control Via Remote

  • I have my setup working, libreelec on x86_64 with some gadgets (LCD screen, custom buttons etc). One of devices is MCE remote.
    And I strongly dislike its behavior related to volume control. To change volume ie 5 steps up I had to press button 5 times. Is it any way to let me press and hold a button to change volume for few steps?

  • Kodi of course.
    MCE remote is connected by usb IR receiver and works almost perfectly - with that one "issue", which is just uncomfortable.

    Maybe it's important - the same is for all kodi parts - list of files, movies etc. Expected behaviour when I press a button is to do something once (volume up/down, move through the list etc), and if I stiil keep the same button pressed - after some break continue to do the same actions until I release the button.

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  • What's the exact model of your remote and receiver?

    IR remotes using the standard MCE (RC6) protocol will give you repeated button presses so you can just hold the button (eg to change volume up/down or to scroll through a list).

    There are lots of other remotes though which are commonly (but somewhat incorrecrtly) referred to as "MCE" remotes which use proprietary protocols and receivers. A very common one is the Gmyle / Ortek / Hama VRC-1100 - and guess what, it only sends repeats with up/down/left/right buttons (and maybe a few others) but not volume up/down.

    So if you have one of these there's not much you can do.

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  • My remote is (and isn't at the same time) well known Speedlink SL-6399-SBK

    Why it isn't? I'm using speedlink's receiver, but remote itself is replaced with OneForAll universal remote, because I could configure only one remote for all my devices.
    From remote point of view - its repeats keypresses correctly, used for tv, or cable decoder.

  • Hi, I'd like to control Kodi volume from CEC Samsung tv remote. As of now, Vol+ and Vol- controls the tv volume but I'd like to control Kodi volume.

    Is it possible?

    On the other hand, I have a IR sensor on a PI hat, but I don't have an additional IR remote. Can I disable/override CEC on the tv and enable my Samsung remote as a IR remote instead of CEC, so I can control Kodi Volume (and hopefully more functionality)?

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