UK distributed system

  • Hello!

    Here what I am running at home:

    • Large-ish entral storage
    • MythTV backend with a few tuners
    • MySQL database for Kodi
    • a HT in the living room
    • a Hi-Fi in the living room
    • the bedroom has full access to the kodi environment and the music
    • Many, many speakers...
    • All linux
    • Replaced OE with LE
    • No wires or cables in view!
    • Relatively low electrical usage

    Tramendous experience thanks to the efforts of great people producing great software!

    (full resolution)


  • Very like my system in terms of functionality. My myth server is also my storage, and I have more clients, both squeeze and kodi. My kodi boxes are chromeboxes. No doubt your setup uses less power!

    What did you use to draw that?
    PS you might like to post on the kodi forums hardware showcase topic. Maybe with a few pics of the actual systems.

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  • Nice setup. Have you tried Visio for charting?

    Beelink MiniMX III 2GB/16GB gigabit LAN

    Edal T95Z Plus s912 2GB/16GB gigabit LAN

    LibreELEC running from SD card (will confirm version on post).

    Slowly being replaced by Intel NUCs (7th/8th gen i3/i5).