Bluetooth Audio

  • Hi, I've found a bug in the bluetooth, I know I am using a ALPHA version but still wanted to report it.

    Hardware: Raspberry PI3
    LibreElec Version: V7.90.002

    Audio stored on local SD card MP3

    Playing music on the connected TV goes well, no glitches or crashes. Playing it thru Bluetooth (4.0) internal Raspi3 device to my Energy System Tower 5 gives hickups and after a couple of seconds the PI3 crashes and reboots.

  • Please do provide your kodi.log.
    Instructions here: HOW TO:Provide Logfile - LibreELEC


    Beelink MiniMX III 2GB/16GB gigabit LAN

    Edal T95Z Plus s912 2GB/16GB gigabit LAN

    LibreELEC running from SD card (will confirm version on post).

    Slowly being replaced by Intel NUCs (7th/8th gen i3/i5).