[SOLVED] buy codec licence?

  • Mpeg2 is the standard used in dvd and dvb sd. There is a software codec in libreelec, but the hardware codec is better (and put less strain to the pi2)

    VC1 is used in a few percentage of bluray discs. VC1 files are unwatchable on the pi without hardware codec...

  • I have seen a wiki/howto that I have to edit a text file with the registryID on the machine to activate the codec.

    Isn't there a KODI/LibreELEC menu entry for that?

  • No, certain things are not accessible/available via the Kodi GUI, but must be manually edited. Either via the advancedsettings.xml file or via other configurations files.

  • Ahem... This is not a bug, and it's not a Kodi thing...

    It "could" be done in libreelec, but really, putting the sd card on your computer to edit config.txt is not that complicated. And there, you can copy/paste the keys, setting them with a tv remote would be painful ;)

  • It is an usability ergonomic bug. Keep in mind there are other types of users - you are not the center of the universe.

    I opened the ticket not for me but for Kodi to keep it improved for ALL users. I am not selfish when opening tickets. I always think about if this is related and good for the project.

    btw: It is painfull to move the SD-card. I would prefere SSH-shell. ;)

  • This isn't a bug by any definition.

    If you were supposed to be able to enter codecs in expert view and couldn't it would be a bug. So it's a feature request.

    Neither is it a kodi issue. If it's an issue at all it's a libreelec specific one.

    There are plenty of settings that might need to be entered in config.txt (eg overclocking, HDMI settings, cec-related, overscan) - why is this one any different?

    And, btw, you can edit config.txt without taking the card out. I do it from my pc with the pi running, then reboot.

    There was an addon to do it in openelec ('OpenELEC RPi Config'), no idea if it's available in libreelec but if so there's your answer.

  • Keep in mind there are other types of users - you are not the center of the universe.


    So my own personal universe has just been convinced not to answer your questions anymore.


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  • At one point we were looking to absorb the capabilities of the OE era config add-on, but since RPi3 came along with enough CPU to decode MPEG2 in software without the license, the need for it among our userbase greatly reduced. There is also a strong correlation between providing a tool that encourages people to overclock their device and the number of people reporting random issues caused by overclocking.