CuBox-i4×4 not working but CuBox-i4Pro does work?

  • Hello,

    Just got tired of Plex after a long time user of OpenELEC, but this time I would like to go with LibreELEC!

    So I own two SolidRun CuBox's, the CuBox-i4Pro (Old) and CuBox-i4×4 (New) the issue is that I would like to install it on the i4×4 (New) but it does not seem to work.

    It boots I can see the LibreELEC logo but then the screen goes black :-(

    The same SD Card works just perfectly on the i4Pro (Old)

    Does anyone know if there is any known issues with the CuBox-i4×4 ?



    Linux LibreELEC 4.4.19+rt25

    Best regards and thanks in advance,


  • Hi Seb,

    You could try the 8.0.2 with (old) kernel 3.14 build by vpeter.

    I have an i4Pro and it has 'stutter/low framerate' issue with the 4.4 kernel. The vpeter build fixes this.

    Also there is a thread somewhere that this build also fixes boot issues on some SolidRun CuBox's.

    Cubox IMX6 problems with new kernel (4.??)

    Cheers, Airell.

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