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    However, going forward we will not adopt new SoC platforms without mainline support or a clear and achievable path towards it.

    makes a lot of sense, also as a buying guide if you want to build a minimal media hub with any life span.

    personally i will do a lot more reasearch beyond just current capabilities next time. live and learn. ;)

    yeah. what it boils down to is i'll be _much_ more picky when it comes to choosing an soc architecture next time i buy.

    LTS kernel has just moved to 6 years support so embedded, soc, etc, manufacturers can have support for the useful life of a device, but this means nothing if the manufacturers aren't interested in keeping things supported...

    i agree with part of what chewitt was saying here in that it's much better to choose a platform based on how much it's drivers etc are in mainline, not in manufacturer forks. in factg i'd now say that is worth much more than most other factors.

    chewitt couldn't agree more re solidrun, i definitely would never have bought a cubox if i knew all the trouble and lack of support i was getting, but now i have it, so, need to try to keep it working usefully. ;) thanks for your replies.

    chewitt so these changes should solve this problem? if so great, until then i guess vpeters or i have to build own libreelec to get working box. or use openelec which doesn't have this problem.

    vpeter thanks. using a kernel that enables unneded extra junk to be run but cripples kodi on some architectures is totally against the idea of "just enough os for kodi"! libreElec should refocus on their mission statement.

    @vpeters the thanks above was to you. :)

    how hard is building a libreElec image with a custom kernel? i? are there docs anywhere on what's needed? thanks.

    1. Thanks! :)

    2. What advantage to allow docker? Maybe better if libreelec uses a kernel that allows best hardware support for supported architectures...


    vpeter exact same problem here.

    1. that kernel fixes, but will there be a build of 8.1.x with that kernel?

    2. is there a reason why the fixes in the build you link to can't be in mainline libreElec? it's dissapointing that openElec doesn't have this problem when i much prefer libreElec...

    thanks! ;)