Cubox IMX6 problems with new kernel (4.??)

  • i saw the problems by Pat Je (on face book). I have the same problems. IMX6 maintainer Help us

    Libreelec or Openelec has a new kernel 4. 18 at kodi 17.1 and higher.
    Since the cubox issues with films stopping, here crashed the system.

    to do this, not versions, also with finding the network SMB does not
    work both Libreelec or openelec. Best too bad for the designers of
    Openelec and LibreElec and for the users of the Cubox i4 imx6. I hope
    there could be sought and solved the problem.

    best regards Peter

  • yes i know that is working with the kernel 3.14 but what is going wrong with the new kernel 4.? i thougt 4.18 problems with network and it crashes when the movie is stoped the you most unplug the power

  • No one knows what is wrong. And there is not much hope to get it fixed (I can't even replicate). That's why there are my builds with other kernel where you don't see this error.


  • I'm verry happy with your kernel build and if i can help you with hardware ( i have 2 cubox i4) Mine englisch is verry bad and also i canot make programm's. Sorry about that. But thank you for building this img's. greatings Peter from de holland ( i'm 54 old so then you know what i'm am)

  • Thanks for the offer but I already have CuBox-i4Pro. Imx6 project is not as good as others and newer will be. But it is still kicking...