/storage partition very small after install on android box

  • Hey guys haven used openelec in since rpi 1 days, decided to give it a shot on my s905x box. Used the linux 64 bit version to create a sd card using a community openelec 8 build.

    All was working well and was messing around adding addons and a couple of openelec add ons when I ran out of space on /storage

    Now I'm wondering if this is because i used a 1G micro sd card for the initial install with the creator? If so can I expand /storage to fill up the device? or is there something else going on. This is a 2G/16G unit so should have way more available space then this.


  • Code
    1. devtmpfs 804.5M 134.0M 670.4M 17% /storage/.config/acestream/dev

    ^ acestream is a piracy tool. No further support in this forum.

  • My mistake guys, I had misread the docs.

    1. I'm currently using libre, meant I used openelec last time.

    2. got confused vs booting from TF vs installing to internal.

    Managed to get it installed to internal with the installtointernal command.