LE 8.0.2 hangs (or restarts) when left on PVR screen.

  • I have removed the addon, and must say that I was mortified to find out that I had any kind of addon that is considered illegal, as I am actively against piracy and I hate to see the bad press that kodi receives because of these type of addons. I use kodi mainly for the fantastic PVR features which IMO blow any standalone PVR box out of the water (I think Krypton was the turning point in that respect). I am contributing to this forum to try and help identify issues and provide logs where possible to help the developers to address problems such as the one reported in this thread. I fully support your stance on the banned addons so will understand if you decide not to look any further into this issue. By providing these logs I only want to help improve the kodi experience for other users. I would be happy to provide more logs now that I've removed the questionable addon repo?

  • Annoyingly, I've tracked back and the reason I installed that repo, and it was so I could install ITV Player. Very annoying that such a widely used addon only lives in banned repos. I looked at posts on the official kodi forums and other ITV Player users share the same frustration! I hope they manage to get it into an official repo in future. For now...lesson learnt...and I'll just have to update ITV Player manually in future (if it breaks) using links on the official Release page of the kodi forum.

    Annoyingly, this all now means that the logfiles I posted here earlier will probably never be looked at now, so this bug, which affects several legitimate PVR users will go unfixed....

  • It's not a problem at all. We will look further into that issue. I had a little talk with a team member and I will try to reproduce with a special build from him which will get more debug informations.

    If you want to test yourself:

    Index of /builds/debug/

    just update to those builds and test with debug logging enabled. After Kodi hangs/crashes, please get us a new logfile.

    Unfortunately I'm a bit busy at the moment. So I can't test before Friday. I will, but if you are faster....just do it ;)