Downloads blank?

  • Links work fine for me. Maybe try a different browser?

    Hmm I tried from another IP address and it worked fine. My guess is the URL is still rolling out through the DNS servers. Anyways looking forward to testing!

  • Please use the the following link for these initial downloads:

    downloads – LibreELEC

    These builds are based on Kodi 16.1-rc2-a7caa16.

    You should upgrade to LibreELEC using the .tar file, or clean install using the .img.gz.

    Once you have upgraded to LibreELEC you can upgrade to newer builds by dropping either the .tar file OR .img.gz file in your Update folder - it's now possible to upgrade LibreELEC using the LibreELEC .img.gz file as an alternative to the normal .tar file and you will not lose your existing installation. In future this should simplify the download process as we won't have to offer two different files, with users often downloading the wrong file.

    tar files will continue to be available, probably on a "secondary" download page - there will just be more prominence on using .img.gz files for official releases.