• Hi all,
    Just started using librelec. Great work done here:)

    On my PC based kodi I had some add-on or plugin installed which I used to block some content on the shared drives for the kids.

    It was called PINSENTRY under programs . I tried to find this with the defailt skin but there I cannot find the menu for programs.
    In confluence I can find that tab programs but cannot find pinsentry here. :huh:

    I hope this nice feature si also available for librelec?

    Thanks Bert

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  • Have you tried Googling "pinsentry Kodi" ?? It's not in our or Kodi's default repo but it's not that hard to find.

  • There doesn't seem to be a Kodi 17 version of the add-on (yet?).
    Perhaps you can poke the author a bit to see what is still possible.
    PinSentry |
    Oh dear...

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  • Have you tried Googling "pinsentry Kodi" ?? It's not in our or Kodi's default repo but it's not that hard to find.

    Hi Cewitt,
    Yes I did and I skipped the youtube links because many times they offfer me real help but the other links I tried did not give me much.
    After your response I tried again and decided once more to try a youtube
    and found this one to a *** which did the job ;)

    A pitty it is not in the normal repo.

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  • See Media sources - Official Kodi Wiki - it might do what you want.

    Hi Iridium,

    I tried that one. I got a folder locked but when I went back to the "files" The level where all shares are shown I can navigate back into that folder without pin. :s I have used pinsentry in te past and that was clear in its behaviour. Brouwse outside the root protected folder and then the PIN was required again.
    Maybe I did something wrong?

    Not too sure what has happened but it was official:
    Add-on:PinSentry - Official Kodi Wiki

    Actually the addon was suggested to me in the past at the KODI forum. And because it did exactly what iI need it was great. Enough options that I can configure. Like teh amount of time the password remains valid.
    I could not find it anymore so that raised my question.
    Anyway I have it installed now and it works with elec8.0.1:)
    My link in another reply was removed in my response so that was of no use for others.

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  • bhennink If you are happy, can you change the title to "[Solved] pinsentry"

    Hi Iridium,
    Just realized that the two repositries with the add-on' s I found for for pinsentry are blacklisted. :s
    So as I understand is that if I have those add-ons installed There is no support?
    This reopens my topic. Or is the an add-on that is not blacklisted?
    I searched a lot more but could not find a repository with Pinsentry that was not on the forbidden list:S

    So how to solve parental control in a decent way? Masterlock was not a reliable solution here.

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