• We'd like to try a mobile theme and theme auto-switcher first (before paying the Tapatalk tax). If that doesn't work out we'll add it.

  • Should be all set now, but unfortunately tapatalk itself seems down for the count. They seem to have dns issues. Will update later when it's working again.

  • Yes, although I see lots of advertising, which I don't with kodi forums on tapatalk.

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  • hmm, really? I disabled all ad's and have yet to see my first while testing this app.

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  • I am a first time tapatalk user, I do not see any advertising. Seems to work just fine.

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  • That's what I like to hear. We don't like ads either. As long as we can float the hosting costs and so on from sponsors and donations there will be no annoying ads popping up randomly.