[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

  • Hi everyone!

    I've just installed to nand (Beelink gt1) and "rebootfromnand". It work fine and smooth, and I can remove the SD. BUT if Iturn the blx on WITHOUT SD, it seems like cant boot from internal... The screen shows a "bootloop" wkth LibreElec letters... Any idea to solve the problem? It is normal and I always have to boot from SDand then reboot to internal?


  • No, it's not normal. You should be able to boot without card too.

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  • Hi,

    Samba shares still broken on 8.0.2e, moving back to 8.0.2c solves the problem. Anyone else have this problem? Or I am the only one?


  • I had that problem with a Minix U1. Turns out that if I lowered the channel for the 5ghz wifi on the router, I could then see the 5ghz networks.

  • Anyone knows whether it is safe to flash 8.0.2e to R-TV BOX S10 3GB DDR4 3 GB eMMC? I only have a slow USB drive. "Drives" me nuts.

  • Hey,

    Does anyone know how to 'force RGB' to display ? I have a older TV set and unfortunately it needs this option to display. Thanks for any help.

  • If you have an old TV and it presents the handshake problem with green screen you should enable the Force RGB option.

    1. Enable SSH connection from the LibreELEC settings on the TV Box

    2. Check the IP address of the Box from connection

    3. From your computer open Terminal for MAC and Linux or Start - Run - CMD for Windows.

    4. Connect to your TV box (user root): ssh [email protected]

    This is a MAC command. Check for windows or linux on how to connect via SSH.

    5. insert the password: libreelec

    6. Run:


    cd .config

    nano autostart.sh

    7. This starts an editor. Insert the following text:



    echo 1 > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/output_rgb

    8. Save with the same name

    9. Run:


    chmod 755 autostart.sh


    Now you have the RGB enabled.

    You can check by doing steps 1 to 6 to check if the file was saved.

  • Great. Will try it out. Thanks so much.

  • I also have the smb problem freezes when trying to play a file from nas with smb

    Does work if you under browse for new share use the function " add network location" and then use the smb protocol.. Don't know why..

  • I have the latest version installed to R-TV S 10 3 GB 32 GB EMMC. It freezes randomly at all times. It can freeze after browsing menus for a few minutes. Haven't found out why it happens. Has anyone experienced the same?