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    Since getting a Minix U1, I went directly to 8.0.2e which works great. I then went to johngalt's testing version and from there to 8.2 testing. I mention the following in case it is of any value to anyone, I otherwise could not be happier with these builds. I have small group of video files (x265) that can play on 8.0.2e but cannot play on either of the other builds (audio plays, video freezes). I believe this has something to do with the way these files were encoded. The wifi driver for the Minix (and others) can only operate at lower channel numbers for 5ghz wifi but otherwise works great. SMB works great with all three builds and I can connect to OSX, Win 10 and Linux. Rewind on all three builds is problematic, not sure if this has always been the case? If I rewind at any speed, I have to stop and then resume playback as the video freezes but the timeline shows that it is playing.

    5Ghz works fine on my Minix Neo U1. I know 5Ghz has a shorter range than the 2.4Ghz spectrum. Maybe move your media player closer to the router and see if it picks up

    It’s within 10 feet of the router. Very weird. It should also be able to pick up the neighbors wifi but again 2.4ghz only. The router is an Asus ac66-u.