Wetek Play 2

  • Freezing on almost all channels.4K more on Channels.the satellite list is 52E,46E,42E,39E,36E,31.5E,23.5E,19.2E,16E,13E,9E,0.8W

  • alex0801, something wrong is with new dvb driver in play2 . Channels sometimes ocasionally stutters with tvh 4/4.2 backend (especially hd and 4k) . With older dvb driver (where vdr does not work) is much better and channels works smooth. So for now for stable live tv on le GDPR-1 builds I prefere his alternative version with older dvb driver

  • Sorry for the late response. I did not get any email notification about thread-replies :-(


    What satellite do you use and what FTA HD channels you have problems with? I'm asking to reproduce your issue.

    Astra 19.2E, FTA and HD+ channels. Issue appears on HD channels (FTA & HD+).

    I searched a bit, and found out, that the main reason could be a bad satellite-antenna direction. Could be better. So I have to wait for good weather and re-setup the antenna to improve the satellite signal (depending on the channel, it could be 20-40% better). The strange thing is: With Wetek WeOS the issue is not present. Just works.


    something wrong is with new dvb driver in play2

    That would explain almost anything...

    I need pvr/vdr... (timeshift, recordings, ..), so switching back to an older driver would not be an option. I rather wait for new/improved driver and try to improve the sattelite signal (tvh status page also tells me about continuity errors, as well as log file:

    1. 2017-03-08 15:24:07.046 [WARNING]:TS: DVB-S Netzwerk/11347V/KiKA HD: H264 @ #6610 Continuity counter error (total 4)
  • But with older dvb driver you lost almost nothing (only no vdr backend) . Tvheadend works much better with it and you have all new improvements from git and latest kodi version . Just dvb driver is older without vdr support. But you can check your sat configuration and improve it if possible. Few weeks ago I bought signal amplifier from axing and it is much better now

  • So, is there an easy way to switch to Raybuntu's Version of Libreelec without loosing my complete setup?

    Or does anyone know where to find the dvb driver in LE's filesystem so that I can try to replace the exising driver with the better one, without changing the whole LE installation/setup?

    What does "without vdr support" exactly mean? --> I'm, no longer able to record live-tv with tvheadend? So also no timeshift?

    The idea with improving the signal:

    I have an quattro LNB --> round about 5..6m antenna cable (120dB version) --> a F-plug to F-plug connector to get the shielding grounded --> round about 10..15m antenna cable --> a quattro to 8 receiver multiswitch (with built in amplifier for each of the 4 inputs, all 4 channels are using max amplification) --> round about 10..15m antenna cable to the antenna wall-plug in the living room ---> 1,5m antenna cable to wetek play 2 box.

    This setup worked for last 3 years (since installation) without any hassle with Dreambox 800HD and now with Wetek Play 2 with WeOS.... It's still strange to me that this is now an "driver" issue. But anyhow... On next weekend I try to improve the receiving signal on the antenna by fine tuning it.

    Beside that, I'm not sure where to add an additional signal amplifier.. maybe at the F-plug-to-F-plug connector?
    I found out, that the LE build process (also raybuntu...) is getting it's drivers from here:

    Index of /devel/

    so, f.i.

    Index of /devel/
    Index of /devel/


    wetekdvb-20160307.tar.xz 10-Jul-2016 15:25 19100
    wetekdvb-20160930.tar.xz 29-Sep-2016 23:45 31172
    wetekdvb-20161127.tar.xz 27-Nov-2016 12:39 31188
    wetekdvb-20170116.tar.xz 18-Jan-2017 10:38 31180

    the archive contains .ko file, as well as firmware files.

    The .ko driver file is put here:


    The firmware is copied to this folder:


    According to my installation, the md5sum indicates (compared to the content of the above mentioned archives), that the driver is from 20170116 version:

    605b7b5ba2fbd266edb0e827197088e2 wetekdvb.ko

    Would be great if zbigzbig20 can check the md5sum as well ("md5sum /usr/lib/modules/3.14.29/wetekdvb/wetekdvb.ko"), so that I try the "working one".

    Sadly, /usr/lib/... is read-only mounted. But this is not a big issue :-)
    Another question which is currently rising:

    The wetek dvb driver is a kind of "binary blob" that directly comes from wetek.

    So, why is WeOS (with latest updates) working quite well and Kodi with TVheadend is struggling with signal quality, if obviously both use the same driver?

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  • Weos and libreelec are little bit different systems . Latest dvb driver is different like this in weos with some improvements for vdr but live tv on tvh sometines stutter little bit . Fastest way is to compile new build with new or older dvb driver . GDPR-1 build is 32bit so if you have installed le 64bit (for example latest official le) and want to install 32bit build just read this : LibreELEC Krypton/Leia/Agile Play2 64bit kernel, 32bit libs - WeTek Community Forum
    You do update and you will not lost anything

  • Quote

    Weos and libreelec are little bit different systems . Latest dvb driver is different

    Of course they are. One is Android LInux, one is KODI JeOS.
    But according to RB LE build script, RB LE is using (=downloading) the latest binary blob from Wetek. So the binary driver should be exactly the same, or?

    Nevertheless, I bought a 2nd mirosd card and will test latest "stable" RB LE (rb-krypton4) and test a bit.

    I'm also thinking of buying a separate sat-ip-server (have some more TVs in the house to upgrade from old-school sat SetTopBoxes...). But this has currently no priority.

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  • About sat ip server . Many people recommend Telestar Digibit R1. But I never used that kind of hardware. Maybe in next few years we will see :)
    Look how works latest GDPR-1 experimental build with improved channels changing speed. My short video:

  • I'll try RB LE this weekend...
    Regarding the "improved channel changing speed": If I count the seconds from the moment the UI tells me the channel is about to change until the new channel is playing well, it's about 3-4sec in your video. Sorry, but where's the improvement? I have right now the same speed.

  • So other build without this experimental patch. It is little bit longer. I and other my friends see difference in speed

  • The only thing that I see from the video: The first image of the new channel is coming up faster (which gives better user experience --> faster system). But time "switch channel <-> channel is playing well and continuously" is still 3-4sec.

  • So can I ask a few questions. I have a Vu+ Uno satellite receiver running Openvix (Enigma 2) plus a Minimx running latest LE.

    If I purchased a Play 2 I would look to rehome both these boxes but would you say the Wetek Play 2 is up to it. The Vu+ is really slick on Openvix is an excellent front end.

    Do I:

    - run the Play 2 in Android mode and use its interface for watching Satellite stations (with Oscam configured)
    - dual boot OpenATV (the only Enigma 2 that is compliant) from microsd and run Kodi from the Android interface
    - dual boot Libreelec from microsd and scrap Kodi on Android

    Basically I need something that a) runs kodi well and b) has an easy satellite channel interface either via kodi or native android

  • archercj As you you are asking this on LibreELEC forum, I think the answer is obvious :)

    As far as I know OpenATV on WP2 cannot play Dolby Digital audio tracks.

    Just try what is best working for you and use it. In my opinion Kodi works much better in LibreELEC than in Android.