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    I was trying to revert my Mecool Kii Pro (S905 device) back to stock android (I had it successfully installed with Libreelec on internal memory for ages).

    Anyway after getting frustrated I issued a 'reboot recovery' over SSH command. Now I am 'bricked'. Well nothing will boot, including a librelec rufus created boot image.

    I am actually having problems downloading a firmware to be honest but appear to have one. Does anyone have any tips and tricks please

    Thanks for your quick response KSZAQ. And sorry to be a pain but can you direct me to the actual nougat device tree I must use on 8.2 for a kii pro device please. Just to confirm I did try gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb

    Just got a Kii pro box that has an IPTV (m3u) list and also is connected to my satellite via DVB-S2. I have successfully installed the TVHeadend server side of things and got all the channels on Astra 28.2 in my list. So now I have one long list of IPTV channels and also DVB-S2 sourced channels. Not very user friendly

    I enabled the IPTV Simple Client module and when I select TV from the main menu I get, I think, that client. Like I say a bit non wife friendly I am afraid.

    What I am after doing is having a seperate IPTV Channels and a Sat Freeview Channels option on my front end menu (Aeon Nox). How do I achieve this. What do people recommend as a client. I did try enabling the TVHeadend client but can't seem to select it. Can you only have one PVR client enabled at once (I still have the SImple Client enabled which it seems to default to).

    It is one area that I think Kodi needs to catch up over something like a dedicated satellite receiver running Enigma 2 (which is what I have replaced). The Enigma 2 box had a skin that mimicked Sky and even for just running Freeview and FTA channels it was very simple to use with full EPG integration. Admittedly I have not set up Ivue yet (which I have an my other Libreelec box just for IPTV and is average for that) on the DVB-S2 channels.

    Any suggestions for an easy accessible front end solution for watching IPTV and Live freeview channels would be gratefully received

    I have had an S905X device for a while and have android wiped and libreelec installed into nand. Works great, nor problems what so ever. I also regular update using KSAQ's 8.2 thread

    Recently I purchased a KII Pro box. Following the link there it sends me to KSAQ's 8.0.2e thread. I've installed this build also to nand, once again without any issues. But I also decided to do an upgrade (copy to update folder) but 'mistakenly' used the latest 8.2 build (and correct Kii Pro driver). This would not boot so I had to reboot off USB and flask back to nand.

    Given that both builds are for S905/S905X (which the Kii pro is) do I continue using the 8.0.2e thread.

    What is the difference between the two builds?

    I have two devices running KSZAQ excellent firmware. I like to keep them up to date so do regular updates by putting the firmware and device tree in the update folder and rebooting. I have done this dozens of times with no issues.

    Anyway one of my boxes updated fine but the second simply won't reboot after the update.

    The device has two USB and one microSD slots. I have tried several USB devices plus microSD card using Rufus to create a bootable device in both USB slots but none will boot. The device does not have a reset button so I can't run toothpick.

    Anyone any ideas please.

    I have a 'provider' for IPTV who sends you a link (which includes the username and password) to a m3u file. This works fine with Simple PVR.

    I have read of people who have similar setups (different 'providers') and who have managed to use addons such as TVHeadend to create a EPG with their IPTV.

    Has anyone else had success (and how did they do it). And could it be that some IPTV lists work with EPG and others don't.

    I had this issue on earlier 8.x.x build but this ha snow gone on the later builds. It does go away if you select a menu item I found

    There are some cheap chinese wlan chips without Linux drivers.
    There are a lot of wireless drivers in the builds.

    Thanks, that makes sense

    Funny isn't it - you look on Amazon and Googbang Doos are supplied by Goobang Doo UK so you think 'ahhhh they must be ok'.

    I can get around the problem by using a Homeplug. Hard wired ethernet is normally best for streaming anyway.

    Plikmuny - I know Kszaq has replied to you. Can you substantiate what you say i.e. 'versions 8.0.1a,b,c,d used to work with wifi but when I upgraded to e onwards it stopped working'. Or something like that.

    I suppose from my perspective I would ask 'does anyone have a Goobang Doo that uses wireless'. And if so what model.

    Just some feedback and another thanks to Kszaq for al his hard work. I am up at 8.0.1g on both the GooBang boxes I have (hard wired) and they are rock solid. Keep up the great work

    Unplug ethernet and reboot. See if that works.

    Cheers Kostaman. I had tried that. Also tried reinstalling the latest version with different device trees. Not unsurprisingly when I did it with an S905 device tree (which had wifi support) the device became very sluggish and my mini keyboard stopped working

    I bought an Android box - Goobang Doo Abox A2 - a while back and removed the Android o/s and boot up off NAND to the latest version of Librelelec posted on this thread. Works a treat with hard wired Ethernet (which is all I need for that box).

    Anyway after having a mare (I plugged the wrong power lead into it) my MiniMX is now knackered so I bought a cheaper version of the Goobang Doo.

    As both are S905X I ran the installtointernal procedure to wipe Android then restored a backup of the Abox 2. Once again that worked a treat and I have a fully working wired ethernet box.

    But this second box need to be able to WiFi. But when I go into connections there is no WiFi listed just the hard wired Ethernet. I tried the Abox A2 as well which at first showed all the WiFi connections but then these disappeared showing just the hard wired Ethernet.

    Both these boxes are S905X and I note from the downloads that there is not an option for WiFi unlike the S905 builds, Just NAND or no NAND and 1GB or 2GB.

    So my question is - is WiFi supported on the S905X build?

    So there I was jumping out of my arm chair after we (the once mighty Leeds United :D ) scored a last minute goal (which we did not deserve) against the Geordies of Newcastle (who will have the last laugh as they will be playing in the premiership next season and we will be stuck in the Championship).

    Anyway I digress. So as I am cheering Wood's goal my son turned to me and said 'I know they had scored I got a text off my mate a minute ago!' So we tested the delay between the live Sky feed and that of IPTV and it is about 2 minutes.

    The question I have is - is that purely down to the source stream or will other factors such as settings in the advancedsettings.xml that are there to try and stop stuttering make a difference with the delay?

    Thanks for all your suggestions. It sort of worked and I got there in the end.

    backup up my first box and coped the file to the second box and run a restore. Worked fine except the remote didn't work so I decided to take the latest image and device tree and run an update. That managed to brick my device - flashing red light. I think that was just unfortunate rather than a direct result.

    Anyway made a USB boot with Rufus, booted up off it and ran a installtointernal to get the o/s back up and running. Then tried the restore again and it worked fine as did an upgrade. Just no remote and have tried several remote.conf files. Not a big issue as I use a mini keyboard on the original device and that works fine so I will just get another one.

    Cheers DaVu.

    I was thinking of the backup/restore route. Just concerned that there is a slight difference in the device trees I use when updating the version of Libreelec i.e. memory size. Would this affect things using backup/restore or your method to copy .kodi

    I think I know the answer to this but am seeking confirmation.

    I have a S905x device with 8.0.1e image on it and then I have spent a lot of time configuring the skin, adding add-ons etc etc.

    I also have a S905 device with the same 8.0.1e image on it.

    What is the best way to take the image/setup from the first device and replicate that on the second?

    I have been heavily into the satellite (Enigma2/Openvix) setup for several years now but decided on a new challenge - Kodi. I have removed Android from a S905 device and am happily booting up Libreelec (Kodi Krypton 17.1 at the moment).

    It has a lot going for it in regards to front end configurability and is probably better as a media centre that Enigma 2. But for me Kodis major let down is channel lists and how they are displayed. In the Enigma2 world there are much better channel list that are structured and easily to navigate rather than being presented with a single list of 1000's of channels.

    I have noticed that an IPTV list from an external source more than likely presents itself as an .M3U playlist file. Then if you decide to save a channel as a favourite it stores the link in an .XML file. But all this is rather flat i.e. who actually wants a list of 4,000 channels without subcategories such as FTA, Documentaries, Sports etc. I have tried the add-on 'Super Favourites' which makes it possible to create sub folders and pop your favourites in there but this is so laborious as you have to cut and paste individual channels.

    So my question is: 'is there a way of easily taking an .M3U source file and converting it to Kodi's prefered .XML format and create substructures on the way to try an create a channel structure'?


    Not sure if this is anything to do with this build as a Google search shows it has been reported in the past but I have issues with random fanart.

    Firstly my MiniMX was upgraded from 7.0 and works great. I also has never had an issue with Random fanart which I have set for Movies and Music . But I recently purchased another S905 (actually this is a S905x and not S905) box and installed this from scratch (wiping android). Box works a treat but I notice despite stating random fanart the movies had a black background and music the out of the box spaceman.

    I ran the script and my problem went away with movies and now it displays random fanart but the same can't be said of music.