LibreELEC v7.95.1 BETA

  • Hello!

    I have some issues with this version.

    One of them is using emby addon, don´t know if i should report it on the forum

    first, my playlists show like this: 10M1qZI.png

    And when i start to listen to music through the addon librelec crashes.

    the other is when i use the skin eminence 2, the playlists options don´t appear with the titles "Movies" etc but with characters "0?" just when i press it to choose they appear in a normal way.

    i didn´t know the proper forum to address this issues.

    should i paste a crash log?

  • should i paste a crash log?

    Yes. I learned quite quickly that this forum has a policy of "No Log, No Problem". Always always always provide the full logfiles.

    Server: DVBLink v6 with 4x DVB-T2 Tuners, PlayOn DNLA Media Server, MySQL 5.7, 2x 4TB WD MyCloud Mirror NAS Storage.
    Clients: 2x RPi 2(ModelB) & 3x RPi3(ModelB) on Libreelec 7.95.1+

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