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    hi there,

    i cant seem to find a proper tutorial... my search results seem to get to the same tutorials.

    i tried with this GitHub - BrutalBirdie/eze-openHAB-docker: easy to use openHAB docker setup with influxdb, grafana, node-RED, mosquitto and openHAB

    put the link on stacks i deploy and gives an error.

    i used to use docker on qnap but it was way easier i mainly searched and all images of docker appeared and i just had to install.

    On portainer iam confused.

    i have same issue on rpi3 libreelec 9.1

    heres what comand says

    May 21 23:52:09 LibreELEC systemd[1]: Started docker.linuxserver.portainer container.
    May 21 23:52:13 LibreELEC sh[747]: docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint portainer (6fe60690b6e31eeb0860e8e8af
    May 21 23:52:13 LibreELEC systemd[1]: docker.linuxserver.portainer.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=125/n/a
    May 21 23:52:13 LibreELEC systemd[1]: docker.linuxserver.portainer.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
    May 21 23:52:23 LibreELEC systemd[1]: docker.linuxserver.portainer.service: Service RestartSec=10s expired, scheduling restart.
    May 21 23:52:23 LibreELEC systemd[1]: docker.linuxserver.portainer.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 1.

    Thanks gdachs and Erviv, problem solved.

    I used Erviv way, much easier and it worked.

    Now i can listen to music... everything almost fine, artist slideshow working, Lyrics also... just shadertoy visualization not working properly, the frame is not ok... should i report in kodi forum or in here? Couse it is an team-kodi addon.

    Shadertoy - Album on Imgur (just for you to see the frame)

    the shadertoy view is Simplicity Galaxy by CBS


    The addon WavforHue kills kodi, whatever that might be.


    thanks a lot... i´m going to uninstall it... its the visualization... that is why when i pressed tab to view the artist slide show it crashed right away... i am using eminence 2... after the tab crashed. On estuary was instantly.

    thanks again Gerald

    edit: i think it´s a view to use with philips hue light... for people who are into iot stuff... openhab, lights and libreelec.

    edit2: no uninstall button on settings... can someone tell me how to manually uninstall? addon_data perhaps? i´ll check again after work! Thanks a lot for the help is like pastebin ... it just takes a bit to load i copied and pasted kodi.log file through samba... but the log file can´t be posted on paste bin because of the size.

    version: 7.95.2 Beta

    the log is there as you can see by the pic

    thanks for the reply

    Raspberry 3
    Latest Libreelec - automatic update
    library connected to samba share to nas

    (removed emby addon from and deleted emby db)

    Every time i try to listen to a music file the libreelec crashes and reboots

    don´t know what to do... if it is some addon... most of them are official, if not all...

    here's my log

    Chop – Post code, write notes and share feedback

    hope it helps and someone can help me... or tell me what i have to uninstall



    I have some issues with this version.

    One of them is using emby addon, don´t know if i should report it on the forum

    first, my playlists show like this: 10M1qZI.png

    And when i start to listen to music through the addon librelec crashes.

    the other is when i use the skin eminence 2, the playlists options don´t appear with the titles "Movies" etc but with characters "0?" just when i press it to choose they appear in a normal way.

    i didn´t know the proper forum to address this issues.

    should i paste a crash log?

    Hi there,

    tried to update my latest codesnake build for M8 wich worked on my mxiii 2g S802 and after reboot got stuck on this error: could not mount /flash/SYSTEM

    cant acess tty: job control turned off

    lol weird

    i typed exit comand and restarted and updated but i cant see no letters on the menus, managed to restart again and the problem persists

    How can i fix or restore librelec install?

    Should i try to update the tar file again?

    updated to restore and it finished the install, and a no go, some letters where not showing on the menus, then i restarted again and it worked, everything is working fine i suppose, at least it shows up fine.

    seems like iam talking to myself but i was writing and testing, seems like problem solved if someone as the same error by updating with tar.

    :) thanks for all the work of devs responsible for this and for the support.