LibreELEC 7.0 (Jarvis) release

  • Hello ,

    i tried the OSMC and it functions well but sometimes a bit unstable so i was wondering if it would be possible to *backport* the included add-on PVR-iptvsimple for OpenElec on the AppleTV?

    'Thank you very much.

  • sorry, thats too complicated for me atm, thought that maybe just copy&paste from inside the OSMC ( or so) into OpenElec (install from .zip) :-/

  • i would have another question as i am wondering if the broadcom bchd715 that installed is operative. playback 1080p but some files stutter in audio and frames are low - this on osmc and openelec.

    read that last openelec with crystalhd support is around version 4.2 but i got version 6 for appletv1 and frames for 1080p mkv is depending on codec around 25fps to 10-12fps so i wondered if i would be better off with an older version of openelec like version 3.0 or 4.0-4.2 (but could not find any files to download yet).

    Thank you very much.

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    The OE 6.0.1 image is the best-performing release for the AppleTV that I created as it has hacks like nVidia shader caching and a startup sequence in Kodi designed to force things into swap to create free RAM headroom that helps subsequent playback. However it's all a fudge/compromse and both OE and OSMC have the same fundamental issue: the CHD drivers are not perfect and 256MB RAM is not enough for good Kodi operation.

    NB: An RPi Zero (€15 new, prob. cheaper used) with 512MB RAM would be a huge improvement over a mk1 AppleTV.

  • well, i have an raspberry1 model b and raspberry2 model b and both function well for video playback (but only after i purchased for both the codecs) but for playback also the atv seems still capable ... the atv seems to hold up well ... will do some more testing and then decide what to do with this legacy device. if the video output functions, i could use it with an older TV set with only Scart-port i presume.

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    The one upgrade you can do that would make a difference is to replace the ATA drive with an SSD, as the stock drive is 5400rpm (and likely around a decade old - the fact it hasn't failed is a miracle) and although RAM is an unresolvable issue, swapping on an SSD is greatly improved. I've used SATA SSDs via an adapter in the past, but Amazon/eBay show mSATA to IDE/ATA drive converters now which would be easier to fit inside the case.

  • Thanks, i was already looking for such an adapter, but have not resolved yet. Was thinking of putting a SataHDD maybe 750GB or more but an SSD would certainly even better respond.

    The one curious thing is that i have a .mkv made from a Bluray 1080p via makemkv that i put on a USB stick and play from there in ATV1 with OpenElec 6.0.1 (after i found that in OSMC it would mostly fail to playback from internal AND USB).

    The codec shown in makemkv is Mpeg4 AVC [email protected]

    and the mkv would yield around 50-60fps on a Pine64, around 50 on a Rock64, and only 6 fps on the Raspberry Pi2-B (with the 2codecs correctly enabled via serialnumber).

    on the ATV1 with BHCD915 it would be around 12-24 fps but playback would abort at around 6 minutes 12 seconds or so.

    the audio would continue but the picture would stall, which i found rather strange.

    would you please investigate this?


    Thank you very much for your help.

    EDIT: actually the Rock64 performs less with around 25Fps so probably the driver is not so evoluted with Rockchip for Libreelec yet; also the Rock64 is very unstable, no matter what software i use; probably i got a less stable unit. the PineA64 however is most stable and performs well - was impressed by it from the start.

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