Khadas Vim An Open Source TV Box

  • I would wager that it does.

    I have no personal experience with it but it uses the same processor as the RPi3 and it specifically states in that page you linked to that it supports OpenELEC and LibreELEC. Hopefully someone who has one could chip in or you could get it on a punt and see if it does - they can't be that expensive? A power on switch would certainly be more handy than having to plug / unplug the usb power each time you want to start the Pi!

    I suppose the only thing to consider is that the RPi is well used, well supported and there is a plethora of tutorials available to configure the RPi and the open/libreelec. The added performance of this device I doubt is going to make any difference to playback (menus may be a little snappier) so you're taking a gable on support and compatibility for no real gain. However that's just my heard mentality suggesting you'd be better in a crowd rather than on your own! I believe devices like this are designed to essentially be compatible with the RPi so don't let that put you off, I think it's unlikely you'll have any real issues, just pointing out that if you do it could be harder to get support.

  • I have no personal experience with it but it uses the same processor as the RPi3

    No it does not. It has an Amlogic SOC while the RPI3 has a Broadcom SOC.

    Have a look at the community builds, as AFAIK there is no official support for this type of hardware.

  • These are about $10 more than a RPi3 with 2G ram and all the bells and whistles. Unless you just like to tinker, I don't see the advantage over any old s905x android box.

    That being said, I would imagine the Amlogic build would at least mostly work in its stock configuration.

  • No it does not. It has an Amlogic SOC while the RPI3 has a Broadcom SOC.

    my apologies for spreading misinformation - I glanced through their web page which said it used the same A53 chip but you're right further down it clarifies it's an Amlogic chip. Best find a towel to wipe that egg off my face!

  • Thank you for the kinds words Monica,
    I like the approach you team is taking with this and not trying to sell it as a "Kodi box" because in reality it can do much more.

  • Where is the source code?

    Why do they change the root password? What other changes are there?

    Why do they change the default tarball name? Why are they packing it as a 7z?

    Always be careful about blindly installing anything.

    Image is clean, but with jarvis and seems to work in 16-255, hope Krypton will be available very fast

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  • I don't understand why they do this with their forum account , but I ´m a vim buyer and all sources are on github, so I think they participate.

    May be they can do better?

  • Really I am just looking for clarity on the forum user rules and I am not trying to cause trouble but I don't see how any relevant public discussion on this device going to be possible here. I don't understand why a word can be banned not just the user(s). I can't even replay to lrusak's post on the source code availability because of a github account name?


  • Really I am just looking for clarity on the forum user rules

    Have you looked at the forum rules?
    "Companies who create "advertorial" postings for their products in our forum are not welcome"

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    I don't understand why a word can be banned

    That word happens to be the company's name. It has been explained to the company why it was done.

  • Thanks I understood those forums rules and have a feeling why some from the company are banned (gouwa still seems to be ok) but I am still not clear how the LE community will be able to openly discuss the Vim and the source code here. Feels like we are dancing around saying Voldemort or something like that. Hopefully the company will be able to get back into your good graces eventually.


  • By my side the point is I love libreelec and kodi and bought a vim as a s905x solution for libreelec, because there is s905x development on the forum, but it seems vim is not compatible with those release. So I ´m a bit disppointed :(

    Sorry for my english