RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

  • Strange, I'm running on a Intel NUC i3 haswell limited to OpenGL4.0 and it was not working...

    Another issue with PLEX this time, I installed trakt plugin, can access to options but can't link my account
    and after rebooting the NUC can't access to options anymore...
    anyone else try to use trakt with plex?

  • Yo! I said it twice now I believe, haswell supports 4.5. I have it myself (i5-4250U) and it's working :) Don't believe me? Copy over glxinfo and check for yourself.

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  • I like the emulators version.

    I did a clean install of the latest version 2017-04-01 and now find that I am unable to access the LibreELEC storage using windows as I did before.
    I did see that FTP was added and this has given me access using the root login.

    How to enable access directly from windows file explorer again?

    Samba is enabled (no password)
    Auto-share external drives enabled.

    Turned Samba & Auto-share external drives to off then back on and now am able to access using windows 10 file explorer.

  • escalade

    it is possible to use a wireless ps3 dualshock controller with moonlight?
    i can control Kodi, Emulationstation and all other but when moonlight start i control the app an start a game but then no controls. do you know someting?

    the Sound issue is a little problem but here is the fix.

  • @nexusle @ Blackhazard
    I was having the same issue with PSX emulator and getting a black screen after launching a rom.
    I was able to resolve my black screen issue by uploading additional Bios files into the /storage/roms/bios folder

    if you want to try my solution, here's a link to bios files that I'm using, uncompress and upload to the bios folder

  • Is there a custom Update url that can be put in the LibreELEC app to make updating easier?

    I have one for Milhouse builds.

  • Drag & drop to the update folder is hard? :P

    I believe there are ways to add custom update channels, but I'd need to research how to do that and probably change my hosting. Don't see much gain from doing so :)

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  • Drag & drop to the update folder is hard? :P

    I believe there are ways to add custom update channels, but I'd need to research how to do that and probably change my hosting. Don't see much gain from doing so :)

    No problem, Just thinking of noobs like me. Allows to see that there is a new version without searching the forum.
    Your doing a great job.

    Still haven't figured out how to get wii remotes to work in the Wii emu

  • Thanks for a great build. I like the clean look and integration, but I'd like to know how to install other programs, like it's running Retroarch, Dolphin and Chrome now. Would it be possible to add ePSXe emulator? It performs better on my ION-based machine and thought it maybe could run like the aforementioned programs. If not, could you point me in the direction of how to add their Linux package myself? I've read the thread, but I'm still not sure if it would be better to use a Docker (or how to), but probably not..?

    I'm pretty new to Linux as my message might show, but I'd like to learn. And other people might benefit from the answer as well. :) Again, thanks for a great build.

  • I scanned through the thread but did not see my issue. I put the file in my update folder and when it tried to update it said my partition was too small. Is there an easy way to resize partition or do I need to do a fresh install with the image? I am using an apollo lake board with a 70gb ssd. Thanks for you help

  • Rytterdahl

    Nope, it's 32 bit only and LE only ships 64 bit libraries. You'd need to add gcc multilib and package all the deps as 32 bit libraries. It's quite a big task. As for learning how to package anything, the only way to learn is looking at the source which is basically a bunch of simplified makefiles and scripts that installs packages into the system directory before creating tar/img files of it. You'll need to know about things like autoconf, cmake, makefiles, patching and cross compiling. If you're new to Linux this is going to take you a good while so it all depends on your motivation. Good luck ;)

    One way could be to run it through Docker. You'd need to enable kernel support for 32 bit binaries (I was thinking to add that before, will do so for the next build). I was able to run PCSX2 this way, except I couldn't get it to mount UDF image files (I think because of 32 bit kernel calls through Docker didn't work) so it was a dead end.


    I was able to resize partitions in 1997 without an internet connection so I'm sure you'll manage. If not, do a clean install ;)

  • Okay, that seems like a bit of a task. :) Maybe I'll look into the Docker option. And thanks for the quick reply.

    On another note, will you be updating the version of Kodi to 17.1 in the near future or should I compile it myself (would be my first compilation)?