RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

  • As you said... rocket scienc3... bumping Docker 18.09.03 to 18.09.04 is simple. Bumping major versions not. You would know that if you had done this lately. ;)

    It's not like minimal Docker images for arch were around for quite some time... as I said I'm updating Docker not that I created it in the first place. But nobody else cares about it, it's basically like Nvidia and X11. I also never said that I was the guy who "developed" the Docker image but I reworked the start script to install defined versions, clean up & update the image as needed. Well the stuff you call verbosity. Again it's totally fine if you're maintaining your htpcs per terminal & ssh but if you're a Nvidia user you need a defined version which matches your LE driver. Without this PCSX2 won't work for them, I know you never bothered much about these users but I did. /shrug

    Beside that it's not like I haven't already talked to others about libmali changes... CMakelists.txt add symlink for by chewitt · Pull Request #2 · LibreELEC/libmali · GitHub eglplatform.h: if WL_EGL_PLATFORM is not defined use GBM by 5schatten · Pull Request #3 · LibreELEC/libmali · GitHub so congrats adding OpenGLES 1.0 compat files which basically nothing uses would not have been possible, nobody already thought about symlinks for files the khronos documentaion mentioned. :SBut I guess we have a different perspective about these topics. You apply some patches or CFLAGS to locally fix some flaws while I try to fix them upstream so that everyone benefits and somewhat proper functionality is given. /shrug

    The point is I know that others use my packages too, as you do, i.e. for builds niabi supplies or the upcoming lakka branch does. I do the same and if I just copy paste them then I keep the copyright or add it. Something you've not done in the past iirc. But I don't say meh they just copied my packages, my work and added some frontends. But that's exactly what you do. You don't mention that you copied my fixed packages or took them as "inspiration", i.e. what about ppsspp? Is it a coincedance that you end up with this patch RetroELEC/ppsspp-fix-fmv-stutter.patch at le9 · escalade/RetroELEC · GitHub so you tell me that you ended up here and created a patch that used the same name scheme without numbers or do you admit that you might have taken some inspiration elsewhere ppsspp: switch to PPSSPP (SDL2) standalone build · 5schatten/[email protected] · GitHub?

    Instead of admitting that everyone benefits from everyone you act as if you've invented the wheel which is just not true. But well such a behaviour is probably pathetic, indeed. So let's end this waste of time. Keep on silently copying and blame others that they just copy your entire work... /shrug

  • Again with the version bumping. Congratulations on bumping a package version, you want a medal? Next up, you're PR'ing the libmali issue that I gave you the solution for (after putting in the time and reading code and header files). You certainly didn't think about it, as you were stuck getting SDL2 to work with EGL/KMS, want me to post the messages where I give you the solution? Again, someone else put in the work and you PR without any mention. It's cool, you clearly get off on doing that in some weird way. Give you some sense of accomplishment?

    Sure, I looked at your ppsspp package and copied the patch that you copied from someone else. I think you're getting confused here, I never claimed otherwise. Do you hear voices or something? Which wheel did I claim to reinvent? I said you copied my stuff (which you did) and then you got all triggered for some reason. I've already said I copied from Lakka. If you take a look, you'll see plenty of stuff from me has found it's way to Lakka as well. Which I have no problem with as they did the groundwork. You are welcome to copy anything you want, never said that's a bad thing. Creating PR's with my solutions to problems that I spent a lot of time on without mentioning where you got it from however, is just really bad style. You can claim that it's for the benefit of other users much as u want, but when you skip mentioning where you got it from then you are obviously trying to take credit. Your recent posts in this thread just solidify that.

  • Well I don't need a medal, I do it for free and normally without trying to get attention for it...

    It's funny how you mix up some things. Retroarch failed and not SDL2. Retroarch stated that no platform was defined in eglplatform.h and gave you this error add include, lib and pkgconfig files · LibreELEC/[email protected] · GitHub so it's time for captain obvious that either -DWL_EGL_PLATFORM or -D__GBM__had to be defined to select the platform which is in use. You did this in project CFLAGS iirc and I in Retroarch independently from your solution. I added it later to project CFLAGS too because Qt5 also failed to detect the correct platform but already talked to kwibo about a proper solution, so fix up libmali and not enforcing some flags. You know that and I know that too. ;)

    You just brought up the topic that SDL2 fails for you but so I added these symlinks just in case others have the same problem. My platform detection looks like this

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    without these symlinks so basically they are not needed for my build. But thanks again for providing me a fix I already had and a symlink I basically did not need.

    Rebasing does not mean copying "your" stuff and if your stuff is basically a 1:1 copy of Lakka packages in many cases. I'm not sure if it should be called your stuff at all. If it comes to your scripts you see yourself what I reused which basically comes down to the basic launch command and some opts if any. And fun fact even once I've rewritten the whole script I still kept "your" copyright which basically means they share /usr/bin/ opts "@" in most cases ;)

    Again I didn't took your "solutions" which meant local fixes. I've talked to others about the libs which might be needed and later my PR was partly changed install glesv1_cm pkg-config · LibreELEC/[email protected] · GitHub to have proper pkgconfig too. The point is if we ran into somewhat similar problems it does not mean that you're the only one who is able to read some manuals and docs or browse some header files find the fix.

    I said you copied my stuff (which you did) and then you got all triggered for some reason.

    Well I don't know if copy has different meaning for you but it implies I just copied all your files to LE 9 and that's it. The question was what the difference between these builds are and saying my build is just a copy of yours with some frontends is pretty much wrong. If you really think there are not much differences as you stated then feel free to think that but as I pointed out there are plenty of benefits & fixes compared to your builds from the past. Well beside the fact that you did not even mentioned missing Qt5 in your builds which means no recent Dolphin or Citra standalone emulators which either allow proper Wii gaming or double the performance for N3DS games... if this is "not much" then well yeah... ://shrug

    Hey guys, this looks like a fight before a fork. Scary. Don't forget: users don't care about intellectual ownership, and you both know (or belief to know) what you did. So, forget the past and start writing change logs. Peace! :heart:

    As I said it's not a secret that I used rebased packages for my build and reworked basically everything I reused so saying there is not much different just copied packages & "several frontends" is quite offending if you ask me.

    I guess everyone has his point proven and in the end I only care that there is a proper image which brings some fun. So I'm out of here. :)

  • Da Flex

    We _are_ forks, and insignificant to the LibreELEC project. Relax.


    Without trying to get any attention for it? Good one.

    I'm very confused here. You're saying that my solutions weren't solutions because they were in my local tree? If they were obvious fixes, why didn't you come up with them? I'm certainly not the only one capable of doing such things, but the fact remains that I am the one who did put in the work. If you are capable, I don't know. You keep coming to me for solutions to your problems, but when I explain to you what you need to do to find the problem you are unwilling to do it. Can you tell me how you would know that SDL2 was looking for the missing symlink when you don't even know what strace is? In any case, from now on don't even bother asking me. I'm always happy to help people with common interests, but you are the most ungrateful and rude guy I ever came across.

  • We _are_ forks, and insignificant to the LibreELEC project. Relax.

    OK, then just do the change log part right, and everything is fine.:thumbup:

    Compared to the amount of actual users we are pretty much just the 0.x% of generic users so in fact not that important for vanilla LE. /shrug

    But since we build based on the master branch we're like milhouses testbuilds good bug catchers because we'll run into issues at first.

    I remember a former Trolltech employee who failed to build Qt5. About the other stories well as I said I'm out :S:*

  • Like I said, take your medication. I never failed to build Qt so if that's in your memory than you have serious issues. And please, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • escalade  5schatten

    I respect you both and a lot of this would not have been possible without some of your packages. But I need to clarify that I've used packages from many sources, and I've created many as well, I didn't use any sort of signature nor did I attached my name (up until recently) to them, I didn't see it as necessary when I first started my build/distro, before this none of the ES packages that I found used videos in a LE build (Added ES Retropie edition with video thumbs · shantigilbert/[email protected] · GitHub), PPSSPPSDL was in no LE build, so I made a package for it (, AdvMame was in no other distro, so again I made a package, Atari800 was in no other distro... you get the point. My inspiration came from Retropie, Lakka and AlexELEC, and the fact that nobody other than Alex was doing work like this for Amlogic, (which is what I focus on), and I even got snarks from high level users on this forum when I asked for help claiming that my project was doomed from the start, this was almost 3 years ago.

    I even added Pegasus frontend at some point a long time ago (Sx05RE/ at 774780698739a66652c7d72b00e94270e23faa7e · shantigilbert/Sx05RE · GitHub), which made me have to compile QT5, since the LE one was just the base, I got help from thoradia and escalade for this one, again a long time ago.

    Everyone focused on Kodi, (except for Lakka), so I wanted to remove Kodi and make a "Retropie" kind of distro for Amlogic, I have now succeeded in totally removing Kodi, and I can even run scripts in a virtual terminal, just like Retropie. The only thing missing from the puzzle is a way to easily pair Bluetooth from within ES, but I will get it sooner or later.

    I've since moved away from LE and now use CoreELEC as my base, which I believe is better for the hardware I use, and I've learned MANY things from them as well!

    As you can see none of my packages original or otherwise had my name on them, I wanted to learn and just have fun, I din´t care about personal credit, the only reason I started to add my name to my packages is because people started just selling my builds here an there, which I am against!

    I believe credit is important, but in the end sharing knowledge is even more! I copied packages from both of you, sometimes for packages that I created/modified in the past (like PPSSPPSDL), and I did not change the credit that you wrote on top, even tho I had a package that worked the same, I saw that your implementation was either better or easier to understand and I appreciate that.

    The point is, in the end we all are using code from OpenELEC and they were probably using code from buildroot and somewhere else, etc, etc.

    I've learned a lot from you guys and I am sure you guys learned even a little bit from me, even if you didn't knew it. I have the upmost respect for all the people working in LE, CE, LERR, RetroELEC and other builds/distros, and I appreciate it a lot. So lets just all keep sharing and creating which helps us learn and make better things!

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  • I've learned a lot from you guys and I am sure you guys learned even a little bit from me, even if you didn't knew it. I have the upmost respect for all the people working in LE, CE, LERR, RetroELEC and other builds/distros, and I appreciate it a lot. So lets just all keep sharing and creating which helps us learn and make better things!

    On point and without your work I probably wouldn't have Pegasus too :thumbup:

  • Just to clarify: I don't have a problem with anyone using my work niabi, this is open source. I couldn't care less if people include any license headers either, it's not like it's some special code. I have looked at a lot of your stuff as well you're doing plenty of cool things. The issue is this guy upstreaming stuff that I have provided him in messages without mention (look at other PR's, it's customary to say where you got it from if you didn't do it yourself), and then have the nerve to go on some rant here when I point out to a user that his build should function the same as it's based on mine. We're all using mainly RetroArch on LibreELEC no matter the frontend. He started out copying my packages, just like I did with Lakka years back. It's not the first time he's starting a public pissing contest with me for nothing, so just calling him out on that. This behaviour sure isn't encouraging for me to keep sharing.

  • The issue is this guy upstreaming stuff that I have provided him in messages

    Sorry I didn't knew about that, if this is true then I understand where you are coming from.

    This behaviour sure isn't encouraging for me to keep sharing.

    I hope you don't stop sharing your work, there is just a few of us and you are one of the best.

    Anyways, I just wanted to post my point of view on all of this, I won't take sides and I hope you guys don't take it the wrong way.

    You are all welcome to join my discord at Discord maybe we can share ideas there :)

  • Then stop mingling, you obviously wont go to Maui together...

    Thank you Shady Trooper for some suggestions.

    Thank you Escalade for everything else.

  • I'm not maintaining the LE8 builds anymore. Here's my latest builds for Generic/RPi2/OdroidXU4:

    Note that I've left out Kodi entirely and Emulationstation is now the main frontend, so this might not be suitable for you. If all you need is tvheadend you should be able to run that through Docker though.

    Thanks, exactly what I need

    Is it possible to update your old LibreElec with Kodi to new with EmulationStation only?

    Plex still working like before? If so could you add an option to choose between stable and beta (plex pass) build?


  • Yes and yes. You might consider deleting your retroarch.cfg and es_systems.cfg to get a clean start. If I’m not mistaken plexpass is required now, I will have a look at what’s the latest version and optionally select the beta.

  • PlexPass is required for the weekly beta update, and you can still use the standard monthly binary with free account

    I modified your script to get beta update, but would be greater to be nativly included instead

    another request as kodi is gone, its file browser was good, for copying from USB drives, FTP server, etc...

    a replacement with an entry from emulationstation frontend would be a good idea and should be possible

  • Not possible from anything other than generic at the moment due to lack of an X server. LE is going to remove for generic as well going forward so unless you can recommend one that runs directly on KMS/GBM, I suggest you start learning how to use ssh/cp/rm/mv or simply use filemanager on a different computer through SMB.

  • SHH or SMB is not a problem for me, but not for my wife ^^

    it's also limited to wifi bandwith compared to USB transfer

    I will check what I can do with docker