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    The issue is this guy upstreaming stuff that I have provided him in messages

    Sorry I didn't knew about that, if this is true then I understand where you are coming from.

    This behaviour sure isn't encouraging for me to keep sharing.

    I hope you don't stop sharing your work, there is just a few of us and you are one of the best.

    Anyways, I just wanted to post my point of view on all of this, I won't take sides and I hope you guys don't take it the wrong way.

    You are all welcome to join my discord at Discord maybe we can share ideas there :)

    escalade  5schatten

    I respect you both and a lot of this would not have been possible without some of your packages. But I need to clarify that I've used packages from many sources, and I've created many as well, I didn't use any sort of signature nor did I attached my name (up until recently) to them, I didn't see it as necessary when I first started my build/distro, before this none of the ES packages that I found used videos in a LE build (Added ES Retropie edition with video thumbs · shantigilbert/[email protected] · GitHub), PPSSPPSDL was in no LE build, so I made a package for it (, AdvMame was in no other distro, so again I made a package, Atari800 was in no other distro... you get the point. My inspiration came from Retropie, Lakka and AlexELEC, and the fact that nobody other than Alex was doing work like this for Amlogic, (which is what I focus on), and I even got snarks from high level users on this forum when I asked for help claiming that my project was doomed from the start, this was almost 3 years ago.

    I even added Pegasus frontend at some point a long time ago (Sx05RE/ at 774780698739a66652c7d72b00e94270e23faa7e · shantigilbert/Sx05RE · GitHub), which made me have to compile QT5, since the LE one was just the base, I got help from thoradia and escalade for this one, again a long time ago.

    Everyone focused on Kodi, (except for Lakka), so I wanted to remove Kodi and make a "Retropie" kind of distro for Amlogic, I have now succeeded in totally removing Kodi, and I can even run scripts in a virtual terminal, just like Retropie. The only thing missing from the puzzle is a way to easily pair Bluetooth from within ES, but I will get it sooner or later.

    I've since moved away from LE and now use CoreELEC as my base, which I believe is better for the hardware I use, and I've learned MANY things from them as well!

    As you can see none of my packages original or otherwise had my name on them, I wanted to learn and just have fun, I din´t care about personal credit, the only reason I started to add my name to my packages is because people started just selling my builds here an there, which I am against!

    I believe credit is important, but in the end sharing knowledge is even more! I copied packages from both of you, sometimes for packages that I created/modified in the past (like PPSSPPSDL), and I did not change the credit that you wrote on top, even tho I had a package that worked the same, I saw that your implementation was either better or easier to understand and I appreciate that.

    The point is, in the end we all are using code from OpenELEC and they were probably using code from buildroot and somewhere else, etc, etc.

    I've learned a lot from you guys and I am sure you guys learned even a little bit from me, even if you didn't knew it. I have the upmost respect for all the people working in LE, CE, LERR, RetroELEC and other builds/distros, and I appreciate it a lot. So lets just all keep sharing and creating which helps us learn and make better things!

    You will have a choice under any conditions. You can only use the radiator. You can use the full version, radiator + fan. Please note that this is not a "stupid" turn on the fan at a constant speed, and work on "demand" at the user's choice. The temperature, when the system determines that the conditions for its inclusion, or with one of the specified speed to choose from. At the same time you do not have to puzzle how to add a fan (if you need it under operating conditions) or how to use the radiator rationally, so that it does not heat the entire system. Do not have to suffer with the lack of power buttons and reboot. And you get a complete device with all possible elements for its full use. For example, you get the ability to use standard NVME modules of any size up to 4 Terabytes at a speed that the capacity of any EMMC or USB 3.0 media and you can freely buy them anywhere at the best price and replace them at any time. I can say from experience, after I tried M2 NVMe , I was not interested in other media (eMMC, USB 3.0). With nothing to compare the convenience (without any loose wires and additional external enclosures for carriers) and a wide range of standard modules, with excellent cost/result ratio. :)


    Often a trifle (for example, the absence of the power button, when to turn on, you have to constantly pull the power supply from the outlet) as a result, so annoying that i'm are ready to spend double the price of the entire device, that would fix it. :)

    That sounds good in general, but are you speaking out of experience with the device? or just things you hope work as you describe?
    I guess it depends on the price, if the thing is $60 with no heatsink and temperature is an issue and I need to spend another $25 on cooling + a NVME + anything else I need (AC adapter, case, etc) I see the thing costing more than $150 US + Shipping.

    (I understand I don't NEED anything extra for it to work, but since you mentioned all of those things I am just replying in general to that)

    The on/off switch is an easy fix if you know what you are doing, no need to connect and disconnect the N2.

    But I am very interested in see how this thing handles temperature with the core board. Do you have such device? can you test temperatures?

    just FYI, I have found another PR by CE team to LE Add KVIM2 VTV board support in avl6862 driver. by afl1 · Pull Request #114 · LibreELEC/linux-amlogic · GitHub

    Closed after 9 months with no review and no comments, doesn't seem like a rage close to me, but you keep clamming you ain't lying.

    I'm done - believe what you want (I promised myself I wouldn't be (ab)using this thread for this [email protected]).

    I think that is the best you can do :)

    I tried to stay out of this issue, but damn you sure sound like you are lying

    "They do no give anything back" ... "OK they do , but we don't accept them" ... "OK, there was one, but how many more"

    which is it?

    I do like the script, seems like a seamless integration of what I was looking for, I just didn't manage to get it working yet I am sure I am missing something obvious.

    The Wifi script is working amazingly well, it just needs fbterm if you want to see the output :P but it does need cleanup, will let you know on GH when its done so maybe you can take a second look at it.

    Well you got that wrong -> I use a complete different way to configure the audio backend because autodetect won't work reliable. But if you include all of escalade commits it should work but might break compatibility to other Kodi stuff. Been there, done that. Last time I tried to use PA in Kodi it broke audio passthrough for me so I keep it to the emulation stuff.

    I am not worried about Kodi, I removed it, the build I am working on is pure emulation

    Did you merge all commits touching this? You probably need a lot of other PA related ones too. One problem for my Vim was that on certain tvs udev does not detect a correct device. So even if you use this it possible that autodetection of the correct device just failed.

    I merged the ones I thought were related, but maybe I missed one if it was committed a while ago, will look at them again.

    My TV is an old 1080p TV so I might need to also check that to make sure the auto detect is working.

    But since its working on your VIM at least I know its something on my end!

    Question, is there a simple way to make sure the configuration of PA and ALSA is correct? and maybe I am wrong in other areas (like emu or ES configuration)