Update database from nfo files

  • If, as an example, I altered the plot for a number of episodes of Babylon 5 and wanted to update Kodi's database the only approach I know is to rename the folder Babylon 5 lives in on the HDD, run the clean database function in Kodi, rename the folder on the HDD back, and scan for new additions.

    Is there a better way?

  • you can navigate to the series entry for the show you want to align at kodi and use the context button, there is a information selection where you can refreshes everything from disk

  • It looks like texturecache.py was used for that purpose, some users tested it for Nexus so probably it works for Omega too.

    texturecache.py qax movies @qaperiod=9999 @qa.nfo.refresh=1
    where "@qa.nfo.refresh=1" means: refresh (remove/reload) all movies with nfo file modified during previous 1 day.

    The problem is that it needs Python 2.x which is not available with Omega, so probably the easiest workaround is to bundle it together with old Python into Docker image and run it that way on LE.

  • Remove the show from library, but don't delete files - select "Yes", then "No" when you select "Manage" > "Remove from Library".

    Then update library.

    If it doesn't reappear go to Videos > Files > TV Shows and select the TV show then select "Scan to Library"