Paste not working in this forum via Firefox?

  • Is there a secret to allowing pasting to work in this forum?

    Or perhaps the forum software is broken because I keep seeing ...


    Error: Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope

    ... in developer tools.

  • Thanks for confirming. Maybe it's something at my end. I use CKEditor 4 (yes, end of life) fine but this forum uses 5.

    Guess I have to do a bunch of testing to see if it's one of my addons. I wonder what that Promise error is all about though.

  • FWIW, disabled all addons and still no luck. Blocked JS hoping to get a naked textarea instead of a CKEditor5 instance.

    Running Firefox 115.6.0esr on Windows 10.

    Can actually paste via the CKEditor5 link insertion widget. But not directly into the instance.

    In case of any confusion, it's pasting into the CKEditor5 instance that is the issue for me. Copying from the CKEditor5 instance works fine.

    Oh well.

  • What if you start Firefox into ProfileManager, create a new profile and try with this unmodified profile?

    Yeah that seems to have worked. Sorry for the hassle. Never thought any configuration I might have tweaked could prevent pasting in one particular piece of forum software.