RPi 4/5 + Denon AVR - 4k60 'No Signal' issues

  • Thanks, I read that throughout this topic already but haven't tried it yet. Unfortunately my SD Card broke down after like 5 days of use (Wow...) but I will try it once I've recovered everything. Strange nonetheless because I couldn't find anything different to those Inputs apart from Input Mode (HDMI vs. Auto) according to the manual.

  • This thread is known to devs but since none of them have an afflicted AVR themselves it's not something that's easily tested. If the current investigation comes up with anything (nothing yet, and it's unlikely to be quick) then we'll flag the change and have you all test something to see if the issues are related. In short: /shrug

    I installed 12.0 from scratch on a new SD-Card of same type and configured everything like in 11.06
    But with 12.0 the Problem is getting worse with my config.
    (of cause i changed nothing exept switching to the new SD-Card)

    11.06: RPI5@2160p@60Hz/59.94Hz->X3800H@HDMI5/6(Aux1+Aux2)->OLED83C37LA: no problems
    12.0: RPI5@2160p@60Hz/59.94Hz->X3800H@HDMI1/2/3/4/5/6->OLED83C37LA: 1/2 to 2/3 of time; no signal

    So the solution for me is:
    a) stay on 11.06
    b) switch to 2160p@30Hz/29.97Hz
    currently i'm back to 11.06 with no problems...

  • Yeah, unfortunately the same is happening to me. Since my SD Card broke down I had to reinstall 12.0 today on a new card. Getting the TV to show a picture during first boot was the hardest achievement. Had to reboot a few times until i could see a picture to configure hostname etc.

    First thing to change after that was from 60 -> 30Hz, no problems from that point on. Unfortunately changing inputs on the AVR didn't do much for me. I have the same setup as you, just the 65 inch screen version.

  • The workaround is to use AUX1/AUX2 and then you can put the UI at 60hz. I haven't had any issues with this configuration and you can rename the inputs so although it's odd to be forced to use those ports, it has been smooth sailing as long as you plug into one of those.

    I am fairly sure I tried this, as have others and it made no difference. Perhaps it’s unique to the 3800H. I have a 3600H and pretty sure using AUX made no difference but I am going to try again.

    The workaround is to use AUX1/AUX2 and then you can put the UI at 60hz. I haven't had any issues with this configuration and you can rename the inputs so although it's odd to be forced to use those ports, it has been smooth sailing as long as you plug into one of those.

    Can confirm this makes NO difference on my AVR-X 3600H. Using AUX2 still resulted in no signal from a cold start of all equipment until reboot of Pi whilst keeping the AVR on.

    I’ve noticed that when I initially reported this problem, switch sources could eventually get display at 60Hz… However in the most recent 2 builds or so including 12, switching sources does not recover the display.

    Only a reboot of the Pi does. And once everything has been off for a bit, it will not give me a display.

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  • I stumbled across this thread when I recently hit a similar problem with my new Denon AVR-S660H receiver + LG 55C3 TV and thought I would register to post just so that this model number now also comes up in search results in case it helps someone else.

    I have the current stable version of libreelec installed on a brand new Pi 4B and I tested it worked ok with my TV by connecting directly to one of the TV's HDMI ports but when I tried it with my receiver I got no output.

    In the end I resolved the problem by changing from the 'Media Player' input on the receiver to 'Aux 2' (as some, but not all, the posters in this thread have found). On my particular TV I note that the Aux 2 port is marked as being '8k' capable whereas the Media Player port is '4k' (although I've no idea whether or not that is relevant to this problem).

  • I can confirm this same problem occuring on my Denon x4700h. I have it hooked up to a Samsung UE55KS8000, and a raspberry pi5 with libreelec on it. It seems Denon does not agree with the Pi 5's take on 4k60hz resolutions.

    When the pi5 resolution is set to 4k60hz i get no display though the Denon on any of the HDMI inputs. Tried 3 different cables. When i plug the pi directly into the tv, 4k60 works smoothly with HDR, so it is definately an issue with the Denon AVR. When i set it to 4k30 the denon will display the pi5's output, but the image quality seemed off, possibly an issue with HDR. I will need to do some more troubleshooting on this.

    My current workaround is that i have hooked up the pi 5 HDMI output directly into the TV, and looped an SP/DIF optical cable back from the TV to the Denon AVR. Having activated HDMI CEC on all three devices i can still have the pi5 wake and shut down both the avr and tv. Only downsides are two cables running across the wall to the TV, and the whole HDMI feature on my AVR being bypassed, making switching to different sources besides the pi a bit more of a hassle.

  • Same problem on LE nightly and LE 12 with Marantz Cinema 50 and LG G3 from 2023.

    Switching sources did not help. Unfortunately, as i must have CEC working correctly (which is very broken somehow in LE12), i had to switch back to my odroid n2 with coreelec.

  • In the end i also dropped the pi, and am now running an odroid h4 hooked up to the Denon. It has no issues with 4k60hz on Libreelec. And is not an issue on windows or ubuntu for the H4 either.