Some media won't play

  • Today I moved from OpenElec to LibreElec. Installed from scratch on a cubox-i using the latest nightly build (LibreELEC-iMX6.arm-12.0-nightly-20231219-865d980-cubox.img.gz) for iMX6 for v12 from here.

    The problem I have now is that some videos are not playing at all. Others are working fine.

    LibreElec seems to simply restart after the loading circle is shown for some seconds. Recently on OpenElec I was able to play the files. So hardware should not be the problem I guess.

    Codec info from one example:

    Here's the crashlog:…iew?usp=sharing

    The relevant video is played in line 867 but I do not see any relevant or useful info why the system is stopping and restarting.

    Any chance to have LibreElec running smoothly on a cubox-i?

    This also seems to be the first post for cubox here in this forum area.