• I've had good experience with Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB, just be sure to buy from a reputable seller as there are lots of fakes out there from shady sellers on ebay, aliexpress, amazon marketplace etc.

    Anything below 32GB doesn't make sense price-wise, if you need more space then choose a larger one (although I'd use a separate, external USB storage device for that).

    so long,


  • Kodi documentation on emulators is similarly lacking. I've installed https://github.com/zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl and when I select e.g. a SNES ROM Kodi will ask which emulator to use for playback, and if not selecting one that's already present it will install one from the LE add-on repo and then things just play. There is no "Library" for games but I save regular ROMs as favourites and access them direct from there. I also have IAGL configured to cache ROM files to avoid repeat downloads and give faster starts. Other distros like Lakka, RetroPi, Batocera will be more poilished for gameplay and less polished for media. LE is more optimised for media, but the game stuff does work.

    I gave it a try an installed the single emulators natively:




    the beetle-psx emulator needs the bios to be placed in


    Haven't tried the bios tool from zachmorris but it should make things a lot easier.

    Genesis and SNES roms played smoothly after picking the corresponding rom.

    I will be more than happy if I get Gamecube and PS2 to run as well.

    ian_j maybe a native installation could work for you as well...?

  • I have LibreELEC up and running on the SSD and all of my settings from the original install are transferred.

    Now I have space I can start adding some games.

    Before I do though should I worry about any settings I need for the SSD, Trim etc?