[8.0.2c] LibreELEC 8.0 builds for KI Plus / KII Pro / KI Pro

  • How did you manage to get this build running on your k1 plus from sd?

    I'm getting the "ssh :can't access tty : job control turned off" error while booting.

    I tested both new afl1 builds with the same issue:



  • Try to use 'toothpick method'.

    Using 'toothpick method' libreelec is installing.
    But after installing it is rebooting and I get "ssh :can't access tty : job control turned off" again.

    Using 'toothpick method' again it is booting into libreelec.
    But once I turn my K1 plus off, I have to use the toothpick to start it again.

    Do I have to use the 'toothpick method' all the time now?

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  • This is known issue. For DVB-T/T2 there is partial functionality. It can lock to 3 from 4 multiplexes in my town. One of them is DVB-T2.

    Can I do a question?
    Why, into libreelec, dvb-t work with vdr and not with tvheadend? It's a problem of the tvheadend not the driver, right?

    Yes. In tvheadend Dvb-t works, but some muxes are unable to scan.

  • I got it working now!

    I had to instal actual original android firmware to flash first.


    I can now run your build from SD without "ssh :can't access tty : job control turned off" issue.

    Maybe this has some thing to do with the version of recovery.

    You should write this to the instructions on first page.

  • Has anyone successfully used the tuner for DVB-C ?

    The driver announces dvb-c as available, but i cannot receive anything.
    This is also the case, if I use vitmod's image.

  • Probably partitioning internal flash was damaged. Installing original android can fix this issue.
    For booting issue look in another threads, I am only adding internal tuner driver to kszaq's builds.

  • afl1, thank you for your amazing work, really! :) I have one (maybe stupid) question: is there any chance to add 23.976Hz output? This is last thing which I could wish, all the rest - just wonderful, thanks to you!

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  • afl1

    First i want to thank you for your great work, to create something from this box.
    Your releases works perfect.

    I have one proposition, well this is not up to you:

    I have tested few hours this: E22TVH
    And my conclusion is that it can't work with newest TVH release 4.2.
    It works with TVH4.0

    This tool is pretty good one.It loads Enigma 2 channel list to KI-KII box running libreelec.
    So basicly you do not need to scan anything.
    This also is worth for DVB C and DVBT/T2 signals.
    It loads already scaned channels.
    Didnt tested C , i just tested T2 , and it works.
    So , would be really good to have one thing like this for TVH4.2

  • Very hopeful for this update! Afer a clean install - the Hauppauge 950Q is seen in lsusb - but nothing shows up in tvheadend. Perhaps the frontend is not loading? Here is output of lsusb -v

    Not sure what to check next.

    ---- as an update, I checked dmesg when connecting the usb tuner and get the following:

    looks like an issue with the i2s audio?

  • afl1 Thank you for your builds and it's good to see the positive effects of your continuous efforts.

    I need to remind you that LE and Linux kernel are software licensed under GPL and that means that you really need to publish your source code. We don't expect you to create a beautiful commit history and push it all to GitHub but everyone should be able to reproduce your builds in case someone wanted to compile themselves, improve the software etc. I know that you use a driver with a source you cannot share because of its licensing - in that case you can share pre-compiled object files. Please let me know if you need any help in this.