[8.0.2c] LibreELEC 8.0 builds for KI Plus / KII Pro / KI Pro

  • afaik, libreelec doesn't touch anything with regards to root.

  • Hmmm..I am at a brick wall now, as it must be the factory firmware or something that has the root in it?

    I went into "developer mode" but there is nothing in there about disabling/enabling the root.

    I have sent an email to videostrong (box maker) but nothing back from there either.

    So, how does a buyer know if the box they are purchasing, is "rooted" or not, and as such, how can we be sure loading on apps like I am trying, will ever work on factory rooted devices?


  • download link is dead

    Please repose a new link thx

  • Please could onyone help me? I asked wrxtasy without any answer yet. What is latest LE build for KI Pro based on Krypton? I asked wrxtasy as his builds are marked as most stable. I'm interested in standard video play and dvb-s. Thanks.