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    I am also trying to get this box to boot from an sdcard trying to use Libreelec/Alexelec

    I have the box opened and have found the uboot/reset button, and have the power out of the box, and the iso sdcard inserted.

    I push down the reset button, hold it, and then add power, releasing the reset button, simultaneously, but the box just boots up to its normal menu.

    Can someone explain what I may be doing wrong?

    Thank you

    Hmmm..I am at a brick wall now, as it must be the factory firmware or something that has the root in it?

    I went into "developer mode" but there is nothing in there about disabling/enabling the root.

    I have sent an email to videostrong (box maker) but nothing back from there either.

    So, how does a buyer know if the box they are purchasing, is "rooted" or not, and as such, how can we be sure loading on apps like I am trying, will ever work on factory rooted devices?


    A long way back in this thread I used afl tutorial to install libreelec, and all has been great, until now?

    I have a K1 plus dbd-T S2 box that has libreelec on it, via booting up from the SDCard. It can also boot from internal if necessary when exiting Libreelec.

    I did not know the box was rooted at all, only yesterday when my Australian Optus Sport app said it needed updating, and now, after doing so, Optus Sport says it will not work as it detects a root.

    Is it possible, that libreelec is rooted and not the original rom on the box?

    Do I need a root disabler if it is indeed the rom that came with it that causes the problem, and has nothing to do with librelec being on it at all, or would I perhaps need to remove my libreelec card to see if the box still reports whether it is rooted or not?

    I have exited libreelec on Kodi, powered down to boot from internal, but still get the same message.

    Sorry for being naive, but I am out of my depth..

    Thank you

    Thanks all...I took my problem to the official tvheadend forum, but all I was told was it was a browser problem, and I should "Keep read, and most important learn and understand."

    I tried all browsers I have including FF, Chrome, Chromium, IE, Edge but could not get the inbuilt tv player to work.

    I have googled some codec packs (??) but don't know what free one's (if possible) I should be looking to get/use.


    Thanks was the same as the other browsers, except, the odd few worked here/there...all the channels I am playing with are simply MPEG2 and MPEG4...I'd have thought they would play with most things?.

    When I play them via VLC, all are perfect

    Thanks CvH...I have tried Chrome, FF IE and Edge, but all to no avail.

    Whether it is a windows 10 thing?

    I'll give the one you say a go and report back.

    Thanks for the help.

    ps..I have posted in the tvheadend forum and got no reply yet.

    Sorry chewitt..dunno why it went in weird, all I did was type like I am now..but thanks if you have fixed it, hope this one remains ok?

    CvH..Sorry, I don't understand what the browser or ARM means in relation to your post.

    I am using tvheadend via a HP Elitedesk 800 mini G1 pc. I use either edge or FF browser.

    I said I just can't get the std mpeg picture to play on the pc, it works perfect on the android boxes just playing via libreELEC/Kodi.

    I'll try the forum chewitt suggests, I was thinking it may be a libre thing, but I'll take it elsewhere.

    Thanks all


    Can someone advise me of a link/tutorial that can show me how to show what I have scanned in via tvheadend, on the Win 10 pc at the same time, like the picture in this thread

    I have tvheadend up/running on my win 10 pc and linked to my libreelec K1 plus, but would like to see the channels playing on the pc, within tvheadend, like this, to ensure they are working ok.

    I can sometimes get audio, then no video, or video that immediately displays but then stops. However it all plays perfectly on the android box?

    In this instance I am trying to play a satellite Optus D3 test tuning channel audio and video feed (mpeg 2) which is fta

    I sort of figured a work around, using the "play" button on normal channel list epg, setting VLC as the default, sending it as an m3u,and it can play it that way on the desktop.

    The inbuilt player in tvheadend still won't display for me though.

    The version is HTS Tvheadend 4.1.2415 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.1.109

    More googling for me, unless someone can kindly assist as to what I may be doing wrong?


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    HI...SORRY..just figured it out...I just need to press the "watch tv" button top right.

    I can get audio, but no video, however it all plays perfectly on the android box??

    In this instance I am simply trying to play the Optus D3 test tuning channel audio and video feed which is fta

    More googling for me


    I sort of figured a work around, using the "play" button on normal channel list, setting vlc as the default, sending it as an m3u,and can play it that way on the desktop.

    This is fine, but I must need to do something with the audio track as it keeps going up and down continuously..very annoying.

    The inbuilt player in tvheadend still won't display for me though.

    I previously reported a stutter in sport I watch.

    afl1 suggested..
    In Player sttings -> Videos:
    - Adjust display refresh rate : On start/stop
    - Sync playback to display : off
    - Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec: On
    - Accelerate MPEG2: Always
    - Accelerate MPEG$: Always
    - Accelerate h264: Always

    In System settings -> Display:
    - Refresh rate: TV refresh rate in your country, in Europe 50 Hz

    I followed the advice, leaving the telly on its set 60 Hz rate.

    My problem has seeming gone

    Thank you again afl1

    I have come across a slight problem after successfully following afl1 tutorials etc.

    On watching the satellite stations, I have noted that my video frame rate (if this is the best way to describe it?)seems incorrect when watching sport.

    I have it set up via the tvheadend cas tab newcamd.

    I seem to get the vision in "bursts", in that it goes from ordinary speed, to slow, to quick catch up, making sports viewing impossible, and too hard to watch.

    Have any others suffered with this problem and know of any work around?


    I have successfully got it all going on the Videostrong K1 Plus version.

    Thank you to those in this thread that have provided the links and tools to do are champions.

    I got rid of the tvheadend I had, and used the one that afl1 linked to, and all started well.

    One of the main reasons for me doing this, was that I could not get a cline to play via my Videostrong unit, but everyone with a Acemax could. I thus took on this battle, and have proved to myself that the softcam firmware in the Videostrong would not do what I wanted it to do, but the cas tab in tvheadend, with the exact same details, works flawlessly.

    Again, thanks to the guru's that make all this stuff possible for us.