Help an Aussie, LibreELECT and K1 Plus?

  • Hi all,

    I have a Videostrong K1 Plus DVB-T/S2 box.

    I have a problem with a softcam issue and was advised to try LibreELEC and oscam.

    I got hold of an image called LibreELECT-S905.arm-8.0 devel 20170113120409-r23566-k3f3c6f3.img.gz

    After some digging around I found the LibreELECT to sdcard card creator and worked out how to write the image to the sdcard, and finally get it going via the toothpick method on the box.

    The next job was to try work out how to get Kodi addons to work with the box and see if this software would do what the Videostrong software could not.It runs the new Kodi Krypton v17.

    After stumbling around for 12-16 hours, I have really got nowhere, other than downloaded a number of so called pvr backends, vdr files etc, but had no joy in figuring out what to do to get LibreELECT and Kodi working in conjunction.

    Most of the time when trying with the backend, Kodi crashes, however, works perfect in all other regards if I am not trying what I am.

    Some posts I read say I need a plugin VDR. I find the plugin, but it just gets to 3% of the download and it crashes. I am sourcing that via SuperRepo/services/dvr addon.

    I googled heaps, watched a number of videos, some tutorials with associated terms, but have failed miserably so far.

    Can someone point me to some sort of process to follow, that states which programs to download to Kodi, and the steps in the process?

    Any hints would be gladly accepted, in the meantime, I shall keep looking.

    Thank you.

  • FYI, it's LibreELEC and not LibreELECT. Also, I didn't see the word 'mate' in your text even once. So you cannot be a real Aussie.

    Also please note that typing the most of the names, of what are considered illegal addons, will be changed automatically on our forum.