Minix U9-H freeze on kodi loading page / black screen

  • risa2000 Interesting. Nice to see the errors are gone. The log also shows Broadcom WiFi is now missing but I suspect that's due to another change I made. Can you update to…h64-11.80.0.tar and share the boot log to confirm (it should be fixed if I'm right)?

    wapvi can you confirm it resolves things for you too?

    So are the problems fixed with this version? Are there still any issues specific to the Minix Neo U9-H? I'd still like to start using LibreELEC on my U9-H, but the latest nightly still has the SD card issues as well. Is there anything that still needs to be tested before something like this is merged into the latest releases? I can do testing on my U9-H if necessary

  • SD card issues appear to be resolved, but I haven't pushed the changes to the main LE repo yet; hence not in nightlies. I'm using a newer kernel than the rest of LE and some breakage in shitty Realtek drivers need to be resolved before I can push the Linux 6.7.0 kernel bump to the main repo. NB: We don't need "testers" we need people that write kernel drivers :)

  • SD card issues appear to be resolved

    Gave it a shot just for kicks and indeed the boot freeze is gone now.

    Unfortunately HD audio pass-thru isn't working... and there is a lot of other minor issues (strange slowdowns, font rendering breaks after some use etc.). Maybe related to the breakage you mentioned... maybe not.

  • There's been a few reports of missing HD audio but I haven't had time to investigate. There are mentions on other hardware too so perhaps something changed on the Kodi side and not the kernel for once.

  • risa2000 sent me a box to experiment with and I finally got around to fiddling with it :)

    It's not the most stable thing though .. so more experimenting needed.