OrangePi 3 LTS: Ethernet Connection Timed Out

  • log files:

    intermittently, the ethernet port will fail to work after a reboot. Other times, it will eventually work but the boot process will be significantly longer and there will be a longer than usual delay before the LED on the ethernet port starts blinking.

    If I check dmesg after one of these long boots I see the "NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0..." fault. (it also shows up in the attached log). It dumps some diagnostics into the log, resets the ethernet adapter and then after a couple seconds i see the "Link is Up..." message.

    the occasional delay i don't mind, but when it never resets and the port stays dead is a bigger problem. :|

  • Looks like an initialization problem of the Ethernet adapter:

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  • It's hard to determine correct RX and TX delays, which are needed for good or even stable performance, due to different PHY drivers in various forks.